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Dr. Do Little

No, I'm _not_ Procrastination Man
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As a supervillian, Dr. Do Little completely fails to strike fear in the hearts of men.

His idea of robbing a bank consists of snatching the purse or wallet of the last person in line. When he shows up to destroy downtown Metropolis, the extent of his rampage is a tipped over trash can. His bids at world domination amount to a few postage due letters sent to local councilmen.

phoenix, Feb 20 2002

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       ...and lazy boy!
mihali, Feb 20 2002

       Is Dr. Do Little related to legendary clown video game hero Mr. Do? Can Dr. Do Little kill monsters by dropping giant apples on their heads?
pottedstu, Feb 20 2002

       role models for underachievers everywhere!
rbl, Feb 20 2002

       is that a Thai lazy boy mihali?
mcscotland, Feb 20 2002

mihali, Feb 20 2002

       push-me-pull-you boy - "Did you speak to me Dr.?"
po, Feb 20 2002

       Where some live by the sword, Dr. Do Little lives by the Ax of Evil.
reensure, Feb 20 2002

       Baked. Wally in Dilbert. Or should he be Mediocre Man?
CoolerKing, Feb 20 2002

       [blissmiss] Anything is possible. Er, he doesn't live too far away, does he?   

       [reensure] The Doctor considered buying an ax once, but settled for a Swiss Army knife.
phoenix, Feb 20 2002

       From the title I thought we had here a medical supervillian, Dr Do Little and his nursing assistant Charge Alot. Does nothing for his patients but lighten their wallets. Hmm... sounds familiar, somehow.
jetckalz, Feb 21 2002


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