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Doctor Law

Prescription: Justice
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Equally at home in the courtroom or the operating room, the Medical Magistrate leads a triple life as the scourge of supercrime. Armed with lancet, hypo and a briefcase full of whupass, he unhesitatingly sentences adversaries to maximum medication.
The Military, Jun 16 2001


       Batman meets Quincy, M.E.?
bookworm, Jun 16 2001

       university must have taken ages[or been very hard work]
technobadger, Jun 16 2001

       Nah. Law degree in the U.S. takes only three years. I've heard it's even easier in civil-law countries.
bookworm, Jun 16 2001

       Counsel for the prosecution in 'The Merchant of Venice'.
angel, Jun 17 2001

       'Diagnosis: Murder' for those with a pulse.
The Military, Jun 17 2001

       "...and Byelaw Boy!!"
hippo, Jun 18 2001

       This sounds like the "Surgeon General" in "Give Me Liberty" and numerous characters in Marshall Law.
Aristotle, Jun 18 2001


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