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throws people out windows
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super power: throws people out windows

weaknesses: unbreakable clear plexiglass, first floors

jhobbs, May 17 2001

The *real* Transfenestrator http://www.aci.net/kalliste/joke.htm
*and* he registered the name [angel, May 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Killer http://www.sjgames.com/killer/
Never go anyway without your banana! [Aristotle, May 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Hitman http://www.geocitie.../Zone/3918/cast.htm
Excellent comic, source of the Defenestrator, sadly no longer published. [friendlyfire, Oct 04 2004]


       Evil or good? I'd prefer evil, because then PlexiGlassMan can foil all of his evil plans with his super power of making glass unbreakable. And his sidekick, First-Floor Boy....
globaltourniquet, May 17 2001

       With the use of his magical Ring of Pane, Defenestrator can create windows of any size and shape and in any substance. He travels by generating a special window that moves when he throws himself through it.
centauri, May 17 2001

       "You're too late, PlexiGlassMan. See for yourself." The sheriff led the superhero the fallen body. "It's clearly the work of the Defenestrator."
First-Floor Boy approached the body. "If only I had been here. He'd never have thrown him from so high up." He gazed up the side of the skyscraper.
"Now, First-Floor Boy. Don't blame yourself." PlexiGlassMan patted his sidekick on the shoulder. "The Defenestrator is a wily, conniving villain. But he has eluded our grasp for the last time." PlexiGlassMan produced a device from his belt and held it up. "First-Floor Boy, do you know who that was?"
First-Floor Boy bent down to look at the face of the evil master-mind's latest victim. "Why, that's Professor Radiofrequency. You mean -- ?"
"Yes. Sheriff, the professor will not have died in vain. Look." He held the device in the air. A direction arrow flashed on its screen. "This device will lead us to the Defenestrator. The professor has planted a homing device on him. Don't worry. We will find him." He looked up at the building with its broken window pane so many stories up. "All these are glass? Breakable?"
"Yes, and those too," the sheriff said, indicating the other skyscrapers in the area.
"I have a lot of work to do. First-Floor Boy, take the homing device. Follow him everywhere."
"You got it, PlexiGlassMan. I'll make sure he never goes up another escalator or elevator again."
"And, First-Floor Boy?"
"Yes, PlexiGlassMan?"
"Don't forget about the stairs, this time. OK?"

       Will First-Floor Boy succeed in making sure The Defenestrator never makes it to the second floor? Will PlexiGlassMan ever finish making all the windows in all the skyscrapers in Glass Building City unbreakable? Tune in next time to another exciting episode of.....
globaltourniquet, May 17 2001

       global: 1) You have too much time on your hands. 2) First-Floor Boy, Professor Radiofrequency, hee hee he :oD   

       ItsMan: Sorry to contradict but with a name like that surely the Defenestrator should be uninstalling Windows. I believe every evil genius should have at least one redeeming quality.
st3f, May 18 2001

       I laugh at The Defenestrator! For I am The TRANSFENESTRATOR! Ha Ha Ha Haaa!!! Yes, I throw people *through* windows!
hippo, May 18 2001

       [hippo]: No, you're not (see link).
angel, May 18 2001

       Oh crap.
hippo, May 18 2001

       Steve Jackson Games publishes Killer, the game of assassination you can play with bananas. In this game there exists rules to "kill" someone by defenestration - you corner your victim by a window with two accomplices and announce the act. After around for witnesses (you are always meant to assassinate people without witnesses) this is accepted as a "kill".
Aristotle, May 18 2001

       Har! I'm REFENESTRATOR! I catches 'em and flings 'em BACK thru the winder! If possible, thru another, as yet unbroken winder. Ow! Got sumpin in me eye!
melanerpes, May 22 2001

       ItsMan: yeah, the villian you're looking for is the vile Fenestrator, disguised as mild-mannered boy billionaire Bill Gates.
nick_n_uit, May 22 2001

       Baked - the Defenestrator appeared back in 1997 in the DC Comic "Hitman" (see link), and he did indeed throw people through windows (he carried a window, torn from a wall, for this very purpose). Incidentally, one of his allies was Friendly Fire.
friendlyfire, May 02 2003

       http://work.colum.edu/~matma/ defenestrator/defenestrator-logo.jpg   

       the defenestrator logo (cut and paste link together)
asdf, Dec 28 2003


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