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Don't Forget The Pen Cap Man

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Saving the world form dry points on thier pens. Flying from school to school, DFtPC Man warns all the ickle children of the importance of putting the cap on a pen after you are finished with it. That way it doesn't dry out or burst in your pocket, meaning you have to bother that quiet kid with the glasses for one of his.

DFtPC Man also seeks out these aforementioned generous quiet children and gives them beautiful fountain pens and a secret decoder ring. And he can shoot lasers, or do something else exciting too, I don't know. I just want a super hero to give me a nice pen.

notmarkflynn, Feb 14 2006


       Sorry, [notmarkflynn], I'm not going to expound the virtues of having such a super-hero, but I'm going to comment on your interesting phrase, which can have many different meanings with just the merest of changes:   

       Don't forget the Pencap-man.
Don't forget the pen-cap, man.
Don't forget the pen-cap. Man!
Don't forget the pen, cap-man.
and so on...
Ling, Feb 14 2006

       I wonder who would win in a fight between Superman and DFtPCman. I certainly won't be backing the calligrapher.
wagster, Feb 14 2006

       I like this idea. I want a nice pen too!
dbmag9, Feb 14 2006

       Oh no we don't.   

       Forget the Pen Cap Man.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 14 2006

       They would never fight. Super Man uses pencils.
notmarkflynn, Feb 14 2006

       Would that the pens be sonic.
The pens might hear then this word.







       I think I tore something with that stretch.   

       Hey! I resent that allegation in every aspect! I absolutely refuse as a matter of principle to write anything creative whilst under the influence of any drug, toxin, hallucenogenic, or carbonated beverage!   

       Seriously though, I was dead sober.
notmarkflynn, Feb 20 2006


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