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Eco-Lightbulb Man

(Registered with the SHVNRO)
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Eco-Lightbulb Man has a superpower which changes to fit the situation. He is able to telekinetically unscrew (or otherwise remove) a lightbulb from its socket or fitting, and then he can pull an energy-saving lightbulb out of his many reinforced pockets and put it (telekinetically) in.

He does this wherever possible, for his lifelong goal is to make the whole world save energy.

His story is tragic. Once he was a normal boy, but his parents died of shame when they couldn't pay their energy bill, due to having too many wasteful lightbulbs. From then on he dedicated his life to fixing this problem, and he got his powers through a fortituous meeting with an Australian koala.

His nemesis is...

dbmag9, Apr 12 2006


       //His nemesis is...// ...SUV-driving incandescent-bulb Man
coprocephalous, Apr 12 2006

       gawd, super heroes are so boring these days.
po, Apr 12 2006

       Is his main a form of rifle?...   

       How many superheroes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?   

       Er... 2? One to hold the lightbulb in stasis and another to spin the entire room...
Jinbish, Apr 12 2006

       //got his powers through a fortituous meeting with an Australian koala.//   

       Was it attached to the local grid?
skinflaps, Apr 12 2006

       Here, we can make a phone call and someone comes to the house, replaces bulbs, shower heads, etc. - for free. I suspect there are multiple Eco-Lightbulb Men in the area. They probably use energy saving telekinesis too.
Shz, Apr 12 2006


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