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DreamPartner Man

Every Woman's Ideal
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6' tall, 200 solid muscular pounds of manly vigor in which beats a heart as gentle as his body is strong, with a face to rival that of any Hollywood matinee idol! DreamPartner Man can: Ply his partner with soup and magazines when she's feeling poorly. Whip up a quick yet elegant supper for unexpected guests Opt to take Junior to the park rather than watch football or prizefights Prefer to make gentle, sweet, satisfying love to his partner rather than play poker or go hunting/fishing with The Guys. Now THAT'S a SUPERHERO
Sparki, Aug 11 2001

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       Ignore all the words up to & including idol, and you could almost be talking about me...
-alx, Aug 11 2001

       Not even close to my ideal. [Sparki] try not to presume that you know what every woman seeks in a man.
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       Susen, then, what IS your ideal?
Sparki, Aug 12 2001

       You mean other than Bob Dylan and Tom Petty?   

       5' to 5'8" (I am 5'6"), betw. 100 and 125 lbs., 24" to 28" waist, sinewy strength enough to stop a thundering Thoroughbred, ambitious and talented enough to win a couple of jockey titles, blue eyes, and thighs strong enough to crack walnuts from riding 15 horses a day. Will stay the f**k out of my way when I am busy, sick, or stressed out. Will go clean stalls, feed horses, or unload hay when I am too busy or the help is sick. Doesn't want children but loves puppies and foals. Will make up any excuse ("sorry, Susen is out walking a colicky horse") to get rid of unexpected guests. Celebrates no holidays and is bound to no psychotic or needy relative. Will change the oil in my cars and trucks without me asking. Kind, gentle, and caring with the horses and dogs. Will go hunting and fishing or out with the guys often (if there aren't things to be done on the farm) to stay out of my way so I can get things done. Educated and intelligent enough to hold philosophical conversations and rational debates. A MBA would be nice too.   

       That's as much as you get....my sexual preferences are not for the public knowledge. ;-)
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       celebrates NO holidays? Well, slap me sideways, what about Valentine's?
Sparki, Aug 12 2001

       St. Valentine's Day is not a holiday.
sirrobin, Aug 12 2001

       I find it intriguing that people have a dream partner at all...I have virtually no idea what my ideal partner would be like...suppose I'm waiting for her to come along so I can find out.
-alx, Aug 12 2001

       It's the dreams stuff is made of.
The Military, Aug 12 2001

       I married mine.
angel, Aug 13 2001

       If you're going to be that selective, good luck to you.
ChadValiantJnr, Sep 25 2001

       thats not selective, thats a pretty sketchy outline Susen describes there.
po, Sep 30 2001


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