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Forgetful Man

Can't remember whether he's good or evil
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It's best to keep this gargantua on your side! He keeps forgetting whether he's good or evil, so he must check his Superhero Code Of Conduct Book to remind himself. Only problem is, he almost always forgets to bring it with him...

Sometimes he does a whole bunch of evil things, then gets back home and when he checks the Book, he kicks himself! Then he has to go back out there and do even more good things, just to counteract all the evil stuff he's already done.

He is forever creating his own catastrophes, and then saving the world from them. He is an endless stream of comic book chapters, all embodied within one superior being.

Forgetful Man's superpowers are legendary even amongst superheroes. However, he almost never uses them because he forgets he has them. But oh! the plans, the intricate brilliancies he formulates when he is reading his Code Book and reminding himself of how truly great his powers can be.

Should you encounter this Leviathan, your best bet is to rely on your powers of persuasion. Only you can control whether he will treat you as friend or as foe, and whether democracy will saved, or whether Forgetful Man's attempts at spreading justice throughout the lands will again be hampered.

phundug, Feb 17 2004


       Baked on Sponge Bob by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
theircompetitor, Feb 17 2004

       Will the theme song involve some one humming and/or mumbling because they forgot the words to the theme song?
GenYus, Feb 17 2004

       (...and "It's OK, you *did* remember to lock the door" Boy)
hippo, Feb 17 2004

       aided by his faithful sidekick whatshisface he'd be invincable
q2cannonfodder, Feb 17 2004

       OMG! This is hilarious!!!!
PinkDrink, Jul 16 2004

       Why was this one boned? I think it's great. A superhero I can really sympathize with. +
Etymon, Jul 16 2004

       When is the Forgetful Man Festival? I forgot.
Amos Kito, Jul 16 2004

       I suppose the reason why there is no TV series yet is because he forgets to turn up at the studio
tasman, Jul 16 2004

       Loosely based on Col. Oliver North?
Zanzibar, Jul 16 2004


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