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Dressing Car on Train

One train car where you’re allowed to disrobe
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To save time in the morning, why not ride in the dressing car? Get on in your pajamas, bathrobe, or nightie. As the train speeds you efficiently to work, put your clothes on, brush your hair, and apply make-up (optional).

You could, of course, get dressed in any train car; but this is one where people will not look at you askance for doing so.

AO, Apr 16 2003


       I think this is a great idea. Make sure there is good lighting and lots of mirrors. The dressing room.   

       Other services could be there as well like dry cleaning (just a collection-distribution point for an off-train dry cleaner), cosmetic sales, accessories like scarves and stuff, shoe shine, maybe even a shower or two.
bristolz, Apr 16 2003

       The cost of trains in the UK is so high I would want somebody to dress me and my elf.
sufc, Apr 16 2003

       Maybe sell lockers where you could keep a few items. Alternately, have a suit-bag check service that will hold on to your partying clothes until after woik.
phoenix, Apr 16 2003

       Some saunas in the far east have a wonderful service. You can get a bed to nap on, a massage and shower when you wake up, a decent meal, a shave and a haircut, your clothes laundered and pressed, all for about $100 including tips*. That's about the charge for a middle distance train ticket these days. Why bother going home?   

       *Other services are available too, but extra charges are involved.   

       PS I'm talking about a facial   

       PPS I'm talking about a facial massage   

       PPPS Honest!
FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003

       I like the idea, but I propose a friendly amendment: Non-Dressing Car on train. The rest of the train, you can do whatever you want :)
phundug, Apr 17 2003

       (except for the sauna car)
hippo, Apr 17 2003

       If you're rich enough to afford this, you're probably rich enough to buy your own jet or train. But I like the idea of traveling by train better. Actually, phundug's notion is also good...I envision it as a nudist colony dedicated to hedonism on rails. Well, that's _my_ exaggeration, really...but what I'm getting at is this: the only reason you wouldn't just travel alone is for the socializing. Ahem.   

       That's a bit far from the origianl idea, I know.
Eugene, Apr 17 2003

       I always wanted a way to sleep standing up on a crowded commuter subway. Since everyone's packed in so closely, it could work. I envision individual pods that one could climb into, shut, and program to wake at the desired stop. These could be made of flexible material, maybe padded canvas, so they could take advantage of the packed-in situation by remaining propped up by surrounding pods. Then riders could just snooze until their stop. Also, there could be a little mirror inside, with a light, so women could do their make-up in private on the train. Maybe it's just me, but I think doing one's makeup while riding the subway is kind of ... gauche.
gazelle, Apr 17 2003

       This is already done. It's called the restroom. I personally change on the train every day. I run from my home to the train station, change into my workclothes in the restroom, then go to work.   

       On my way home I change into my running clothes and place my work clothes back into my pack, and run home.   

       Saves time and ensures I get a work out everyday.   

       What do I do when it rains...I get wet.
shlepzig, Apr 17 2003

       too busy to participate here?
po, Apr 17 2003

       uhm, they could do your dry cleaning for you too. just hand it in at the end of your working day..and pick it up the next
neilp, Jul 20 2003

       <I envision individual pods that one could climb into, shut, and program to wake at the desired stop.>   

       (thinking to one's elf) I wonder what this sticky stuff near my waist in this pod is? Hmm, tastes a little salty. I wonder who was in here before me. Oh well. (thinking to one's elf)
goober, Sep 22 2006

       I gotta bone this one simply because with the way society is, it will just give people one more reason to be lazy. Its a good time saver if you are running late and you have your act together and you know exactly what you need to do once you get on board.   

       But what about the big fat housewife who gets on the train in her bathrobe, hair curlers and bedroom slippers with her 3 whiny bratty kids. And you are just trying to get dressed on the train while the housewife is fighting with her kids and yelling "Sit still while mommy shaves her legs!" while the curious kid in the bunch says, "Mommy! Look at that guy's wiener!"
Jscotty, Sep 22 2006

       //it will just give people one more reason to be lazy.//
But that's the entire point of a technological society, isn't it? Except we call it 'labour-saving' rather than 'laziness-creating'.
moomintroll, Sep 22 2006


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