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Commuters Peepshow

hidden jems and secret pleasures
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what i have in mind is the situation when you typically drift away in the middle of a commuting journey and feel utterly bored and desperate to be somewhere else.

some times I look aimlessly at the surroundings of the train in the attempt to avoid other people's eyes but all i am left with is to look at some carpark or some dingy factory outside the window, or just stare at a handrail or at the interior of the train as if it held some hidden secret or some really interesting new thing.

i am thinking of incorporating into the interior of one 'experiment' carriage some miniature peepshows, so when you rest your head against that wall of the train and try to avoid the surroundings you could just look into a small opening a enjoy a private peepshow, which could display all sorts of info or just simply show you an animated footage.

the peepshow could be also incorporated into the handrail so as to make that 'holding' a little more pleasurable. the shows would change on a daily basis and range in topic from the most different subjects (of course these would include the traditionally expected mild saucy scenes).

they could also be broadcast from my garden shed and given that early 1900s mechanical frame-by-frame effect, although using micro technology and mini video displays.

jonnychip, Feb 12 2004


       That never worried an advertiser. I like the concept, but I don't think it's going to be the entertainment channel for long. Advertisers are going to be all over this....look for somebody to be subsidising mass transit upgrade costs as long as this gets built in...Of course, vandalism issues might forestall this. Video and sound adverts on gas pumps didn't take off too well, or spread too far.
normzone, Feb 12 2004


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