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Fluidized Bed Blast Cooker

Better than air-hockey baking
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This cooking appliance would work as follows:

There would be a tall, skinny, cooking chamber, with a screen or other support on the bottom.

Air would blow, at very high speed, down past the heating element, up through the screen, out through filtering screen at the top of the cooking chamber, and then back down past the heating element.

If the food pieces are similar enough to each other in size and aerodynamics, there will be some air speed which will turn them into a fluidized bed.

The cooking effect would be like a convection oven, but even faster, since there's no baking pan to hinder the air flow. Spherical rolls, with no flat spots, are even possible.

goldbb, Jul 06 2009

Prior Art Romantic_20Hovering...ffl_e9_20Restaurant
[loonquawl, Jul 10 2009]


       I had an idea to cook rolls and put them together in the shape of various molecular electron cloud shapes. This cooker would help achieve various spherical shapes necessary for this. Also, I applaud the use of fluidized bed technology. +
daseva, Jul 06 2009

       The addition of steam could work wonders
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 08 2009

       This would be good for making things that were not jerky jerky. Also it will be neat to see what happens when grease-laden air blows by the heating element.   

       As regards fluidizing ones bed, I recommend rubber sheets.
bungston, Jul 08 2009

       I would assume that the air in the cooker is continually recycled, with no additional air added once the machine starts, so that the first few drops of grease to blow by the heating element will burn, depleting the oxygen, and preventing any of the rest of the grease from burning.   

       Naturally, I would feel sorry for the poor fool who ignores the machine's saftey instructions, "do not open door until cooking cycle has completed."
goldbb, Jul 09 2009

       Somewhat baked in popcorn makers
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 10 2009


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