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Drink Mixer

Adds the alcohol as you open the bottle.
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Basically you have the measure of spirit in a widget style device in the soda and then when you open the container the pressure difference opens the vile containing the spirit so you get the just mixed flavor. It would also be good for sports drinks but instead of a spirit you would have a vitamin or whatever.
steviej, Sep 06 2002


       Not sure I understand what the benefit is. Are there things that are best not to pre-mix?
half, Sep 06 2002

       Alcohol just mixed does taste differently to one that has sat in a can or bottle for a few weeks. Also Vitamins are more effective if they are kept separate from the fluid while in storage
steviej, Sep 06 2002

       //opens the "vile" containing the spirit so you get the just mixed flavor//
AKA praying to the porcelain gods...
Spelling aside - "why not?" - croissant
thumbwax, Sep 06 2002

       I submit, that this freshly-mixed alcohol thing is an urban myth.   

       Even if one that GrandMet et al. have been uncommon slow in exploting. "Shaken not stirred," indeed, what a load of preening flatulence.
General Washington, Sep 06 2002

       This could be a very marketable gimmick. Imagine the mixer and bottle are clear. When you open the bottle the coloured spirit is ejected from jets in the widjet creating a spiraling candystripe effect in the bottle! Maximising density and viscosity difference between mixer and spirit would help delay mixing. Croissant dunked in creme-de-menthe and a job at Diageo.   

       BlissMiss: Remember, beer is food but food is not beer.
shameless_self_reference, Sep 06 2002

       "my views" The length of his name affects your views on drinking?
gootyam, Sep 06 2002

       Sorry, doesn't seem to be possible to change my username without deleting everything...
shameless_self_reference, Sep 06 2002

       walks down catwalk gives a twirl - po - op - po - walks back up the catwalk to find cp - final flourish.   

       half - halved his name with help from jutta. shall we have a referendum on a new name for .. "referee" (as a suggestion?)
po, Sep 06 2002

       As it happens, half of the help in handling the halving my handle to "half" was handed out by a helpful admin.
half, Sep 06 2002

       steviej: It's the preservatives in the ready-mixed drinks that make them taste funny, not the fact that it was mixed when bottled. Vitamins are not a really a factor when you're busy destroying your liver with alcohol.   

       While your idea may not change the flavor much, gadgets and such make great selling points- you might see the popularity skyrocket just because it "does something" when you open it. Here's a croissant, but I warn you- the butter's already in it.
Mr Burns, Sep 06 2002

       as an occasional practising alcohol drinker, and one not extremely impressed with bartenders and their 'skills', this idea gets my freshly mixed rum and coke at the beach flavored crossaint
senatorjam, Sep 06 2002

       po - oq - po - od - bo - od - oq - po. (po doing half gainer twisting flip)
waugsqueke, Sep 07 2002

       þo - followed by a split
thumbwax, Sep 08 2002

       Since when has Bond been politically correct?
Mr Burns, Sep 08 2002

       // bruise good gin by shaking it //   

       Is there some kind of adverse chemical reaction that takes place when gin is shaken causing it to break apart or something?
BinaryCookies, Sep 08 2002

       Hmmm - I don't know about that, bc and ub - I have to shake my sloe gin every day in order for the flavour of the sloes to permeate the gin - but it is in an airtight demi-john - would that prevent this 'bruising' of which you speak?
yamahito, Sep 08 2002


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