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No Eating Section

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I know this will sound like a rant, but I know quite a lot of people who would agree with me that a movie can be totally ruined by the guy sitting behind rustling his packet of crisps/popcorn bucket or eating those really foul smelling cinema hot dogs or cheesy nachos.

The solution to this? Simple. Introduce a no eating section taking up maybe half of one side of the cinema similar to a no smoking section that most restaurants used to have (fortunately most are entirely no smoking now, thank god). Anyone caught eating in this section will have their food taken away unless they move to the eating section of the cinema.

CoolerKing, Jun 20 2001

Theater Sniper http://www.halfbake...ea/Theater_20sniper
"Bond..." Crunch Crunch "James..." Yadayada KaChunk "...Bond"Thud [thumbwax, Jun 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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Close to what [hippo] might have been suggesting. [Aristotle, Jun 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I never really understood why the foods movie theatres choose to serve are all both smelly and crunchy. I'd like to see a chain that sells only jello. If the mob demands more, ice cream and soft bagels could also be served.
Monkfish, Jun 20 2001

       Yes Yes Yes! Would also save cleaning costs (not to mention your shoes) -- one less section to hose down. (Or do they ever actually clean? Dim lighting can hide many sins.)
rmutt, Jun 20 2001

       Apparently in the UK more profit is made from selling popcorn than is made from selling tickets to actually see the films. This is why food is smelly (to make more people feel hungry) and salty and/or sugary (to make the people who eat the food thirsty). So this could be like having a no-eating section at McDo ...
Aristotle, Jun 21 2001

       So, everyone shold be allowed to eat, but they should have a "No Movie" section.
hippo, Jun 21 2001

       hippo: Incredibly enough someone has already suggested here a movie screen that shows simulated films where people can go to drink popcorn and chat. This would effectively be a "no movie" section. See the Low Attention Span Room link for more details.
Aristotle, Jun 21 2001

       Sometimes it seems like everything is in the HalfBakery. Thanks, [Aristotle].
hippo, Jun 21 2001


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