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Drive-thru Ash Wednesday

The Priest applies the Ash through a window on the side or front of the church......
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mkoul78, Feb 13 2002

http://www.icflorid...l_Florida_Driv.html [trixie, Feb 13 2002]

http://www.firstchurchinalbany.org/ [trixie, Feb 13 2002]

(?) [trixie, Feb 13 2002]

(?) September 1950 http://www.anglican.../126/07/oped03.html
[trixie, Feb 13 2002]

why a drive-in http://www.gospelco...di/worshippers.html
[trixie, Feb 13 2002]


trixie, Feb 13 2002

       Medieval. Priests should head-butt the ashes.
reensure, Feb 13 2002

       Hey, why not set up a car wash type building with rollers on each side. As you drive the car through, everyone sticks their head out the window and the roller deposits the ritual smudge. That way you don't even have to stop.   

       The first 250 get a glow-in-the-dark statuette of Saint Christopher.
phoenix, Feb 14 2002

       Holy Water Car Wash and/or Theme Park.
thumbwax, Feb 14 2002

       What about someone who comes round to your house while you're sleeping and applies it, so you don't have to donate any time or physical or mental effort to religious sacraments?
pottedstu, Feb 14 2002

       you can get that if you are old and infirm.
sappho, Feb 14 2002

       Is it a good idea to be told "to dust you shall return" while behind the wheel?
waugsqueke, Feb 14 2002

       Your honor.
phoenix, Feb 14 2002

       If you're not willing to invest time at church, why would you go at all?   

       You might as well ask for a 25-word Bible.
seal, Feb 14 2002

       Add a drive-through confessional and I'm sold.
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2002

       I keep thinking drive-thru christening and 1st swimming lessons.....
po, Feb 14 2002

       For a bus the priest would need an ash shot gun or leaf blower.   

       Ashes to Ashes, Dust to bus.
popbottle, Jan 04 2014

       //You might as well ask for a 25-word Bible.//   

       That would be excellent. How about "In the beginning, but then lots of trouble and begatting and a big flood. Be nice to everyone, don't sleep with animals. Take Sundays off." Did I leave anything out?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2014

       Yes I think you missed the bits about masturbation and sodomy. From what I see of self-proclaimed bible fans, those subjects seem to make up at least 65% of the text.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2014

       Are they dos or don'ts?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2014

       Mostly just vicarious I think.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2014

       And do they need any scriptural encouragement?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2014

       It helps normalise it.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2014

       OK, then. "Creation, general angst, floods. Don't try begatting with yourself or others of the same sex, or with animals. Be nice to everyone. Take Sundays off."   

       I think that covers it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2014


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