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Confessional Misdemeanours

Tell the truth and shame the devil
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One off fee to confess and clear your record. Go on tape confessing for the particular infringement, Come clean and cough up, Court free, record free. Great TV
leggless, Aug 16 2000

not proud http://www.notproud.com
[mrthingy, Aug 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       "Dear God, I am sorry for killing all those people. I promise I will never do it again..... See you next week....Do I pay on the way out?"
blahginger, Aug 16 2000

       Of course you do my son. $200 and no less you naughty little trickster. Oh by the way exit out the back the SWAT team have brought a tank
leggless, Aug 17 2000

       Oh, of course. I got one idea in my head and went with it. My apologies. I guess some examples would have helped. What sort of misdemeanours are we talking about? Obviously it has to be something that you are not suspected for at the time you confess, yet there is still a possibilty that you will be found out. Taxes I can see, since you are on record for everything and that type of stuff is always being investigated. But simple crimes like drunk driving or speeding...it seems that once you make it home you are not going to get caught for it. Burglery? I think most burglers will take there chances on getting caught rather than pay more money to come clean.   

       Is the intention to get people to come out of the woodwork and "give it up"? or is this a way to get suspects to confess before a trial. (I think they already do that sort of thing when they plea-bargain).
blahginger, Aug 17 2000


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