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Drive through artificial MUD

Artificial MUD that you can drive through
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An online text based driving adventure.

Dozens of other players!

Thrilling encounters with Orcs!

Trolls at toll bridges!

Sundry other exciting features including an exciting dial-up connection phone bill!

Actual Gameplay:

[Type] 'Drive west'

You go west.

An orc is standing in the road blocking your path.

[Type] 'Hit Orc with car'

You hit the Orc with the car.

The Orc dies.

Your fender is bent & smoke is coming from the bonnet.

[Type] 'Pull car over onto hard shoulder'

You stop the car on the hard shoulder?

[Type] 'Phone RAC'

You need a phone to do that.

Skewed, Sep 20 2021

Drive through artificial mud Drive_20through_20artificial_20mud
[Skewed, Sep 26 2021]


       Motorway services run by elves…
hippo, Sep 20 2021

       Crafting, cook roadkill on your bonnet to make food so you can avoid dodgy encounters with elves.
Skewed, Sep 20 2021

       “You are in a maze of twisty roads, all alike (i.e. Devon)”
hippo, Sep 20 2021

       I got quite involved in a MUD sometime back in the mid 2000's that was quite clever - different races spoke different languages, so if you were a dwarf who spoke dwarvish, you'd find it difficult conversing with an elf, who only spoke elvish. The system allowed you to converse with other characters using the SAY "WORDS THAT YOU SAY" syntax, but when talking across languages, the other character would see something like ZEN says "CHRXY WHDS IGS XAS", i.e. they'd all get jumbled up.   

       There was another command, `emote` it might have been, where your character could <hop up and down> or <wave hands around madly> which didn't suffer from the imposed cross-character language corruptions. So I'd EMOTE "signals that he'd like to buy some leather armour" or some nonsense.   

       Anyway, they threw me out for not "role-playing" hard enough. FFS.
zen_tom, Sep 20 2021

       made for the pun [-] but it still has enough of an idea not to MFD it.
Voice, Sep 20 2021

       Coming soon to a halfbakery terminal near you: Drive-through artificial MFD.
pocmloc, Sep 21 2021

       I am imagining a tied, desperate 20 hour gamer that is trying very hard to get through an impossible stage with his/her team mates, when a flash wormhole opens up allowing a pickup to drive through three quarters of the enemies and leaving, allowing a workable safe passage to the end of the stage.
wjt, Sep 25 2021

       //I am imagining a tied, desperate 20 hour gamer//   

       I know, sad isn't it, she said she was just going to the shops, I'd already paid for four hours too.   

       Could you do me a favour & stop staring at me through the window though? pretending you're not by saying you're imagining it isn't fooling anyone you know.
Skewed, Sep 25 2021

       Hmm. I suppose you could do a Mad Max theme ride in an animatronic car with screens showing through all the windows.   

       I'm calling Shotgun! on driving the truck with the doof warrior on the bonnet.
Loris, Sep 25 2021

       //made for the pun //   

       Dang you got me, & I thought I'd disguised it so well.
Skewed, Sep 26 2021


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