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Like Diaspora but for drivers
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I just went on a 10 hour car trip and the traffic wasnt too bad so i spent a lot of time balancing my speed and position relative to other cars with my left thumb -- clicking the increment button on the cruise control. I was thinking that it was pretty recordable data and that it could be combined the rest of my driving data to tell what kind of a driver I am, and that I would be interested to know how my data compared against other people I know and whether I could be alerted that mr. X statistically would do y in a similar situation, or when a choice came up, what percentage of my friends who have been in jail would make x choice as opposed to what percentage of my friends who make over 100,000 dollars a year would make y choice and stuff like that.

Didn't that social network Diaspora offer to give you control over your data? I wonder if a Diaspora app could be to allow people to sell or share their driving data in some way.

JesusHChrist, Aug 31 2013

Progressive Insurance Snapshot http://reviews.cnet..._7-20045433-48.html
The much advertised "Snapshot" device touted by Progressive Insurance as a tool which tracks your driving habits to ultimately reduce your insurance rates does actually seem very close to this idea, as [MB] and [FT] have indicated. [jurist, Sep 01 2013]

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       We've had this for years in England.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 31 2013

       umm this is the "next big thing" in insurance rates bargaining.
FlyingToaster, Aug 31 2013

jurist, Sep 01 2013


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