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Dual level adaptable four poster guest bed.

One minute it's a bunk bed, the next it isn't.
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Many private dwellings have a room set aside as a "guest bedroom".

This bedroom may be equipped with a variety of sleeping accomodation; single beds, double beds, bunk beds, or just floor space are commonly encountered.

Sometimes, for motives that are not readily understandable, guests may elect to bring their children with them (Are their no cupboards under the stairs, no garden sheds ?).

When the guest room is already equipped with a double bed, this can prove inconvenient, as little floor space may remain for the children.

Assuming that sending the horrible little sods to sleep under the car is not an option, this usually involves trying to wedge in various folding beds, etc.

But for the establshment that boasts the latest BorgCo innovation in sleeping comfort, such concerns are a thing of the past. On first inspection, it is a basic, unadorned four-poster bed; but simply prsss the remote control, and the bed frame slowly and smoothly climbs up the four corner posts, like a mechanic's lifting ramp in a garage.

After a few seconds, the mattress reaches 1.5 metres above the floor, revealing a secondary frame into which a second matress (or matresses) is (or are) fitted

It remains only to extract and attach the clip-on ladder stored under the secondary frame, and both upper and lower sleeping areas are ready for use.

It is suggested that the adults take the upper bed; then, should their offspring prove wakeful or fractious, it is the work of moments to reactivate the remote control, causing the upper frame to descend smoothly and silently upon the lower, and ensuring a peaceful nights sleep, once the muffled struggles and yelling have lapsed into a satisfying silence.

8th of 7, Aug 28 2008


       If it's a four poster, make the posts giant screws and raise the the upper bunk by rotating them.
phoenix, Aug 28 2008

       Why stop at only two levels.? Excellent idea +
xenzag, Aug 28 2008

       Phoenix, I'm sure I've read a short story in which people were murdered and then robbed by just such a device - a four-poster with a screw-down canopy.   

       8th, neat idea, bone for your frankly tiresome intolerance of children. You are under no obligation to procreate, of course, but maybe keep a lid on your hatred given that more than a few people here have children of their own? Sure, kids can be annoying - regularly - but perhaps quit talking about killing them?
david_scothern, Aug 30 2008

       I don't think 8th advocates killing children just muffling them a bit...   

       why cannot a 4 poster bed have a top to it so they can sleep up there.
po, Aug 30 2008

       // people were murdered and then robbed by just such a device //   

       Yes, it's by Wilkie Collins, "A Terribly Strange Bed".
8th of 7, Aug 30 2008

       That's the one. Good, if unsettling (I was a lot younger when I read it).
david_scothern, Aug 30 2008

       A bun for your idea, a bone for your child-hating ways.
Voice, Sep 01 2008


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