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Henry & Hetty The Vacuum Siamese Twins

a great pair of suckers
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Henry and Hetty are two of the most excellent vacuum cleaners made by Numatic. (see link) To add to the range they have now introduced a Henry and Hetty Siamese Twin version.

This amazing machine features a single body that sprouts two separate hoses. A single motor powers both hoses and the debris all goes into one container bag, but this is fed by the two hoses.

A special valve arrangement ensures that each hose can work independently without interfering with the suction of the other.

The advantage of Henry & Hetty The Vacuum Siamese Twins is that two people can now enjoy vacuuming together as a team deploying one device, with each person using a different suction tool.

Deluxe version can suck and blow at same time, and triplets are under development.

xenzag, Nov 16 2021

Henry http://www.henryvacuumcleaner.com/
the best vacuum cleaners in the entire world [xenzag, Nov 16 2021]


       //can suck and blow at same time//   

       That was the punchline to a joke about a Microsoft technology choice about 25 years ago.
pertinax, Nov 16 2021


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