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Heater vac

Robot vac you pretend is a heater, which it is
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While I was hoovering earlier, I noticed the blast from the vac was nice and warm. Maybe there’s something wrong with it, I don’t know, I’m not too worried as hey it’s the landlord’s and It does the job ok, and the warmth was appreciated. However, as i straddled it, it made me think of my vac more for its unanticipated feature as a fan-heater than anything else.

Why not buy an expensive robot vacuum cleaner, take it apart, find out how it works, mass produce it and sell it as a robot floor heater!!!!!!!!!!!! a busy little one that runs around and heats even neglected corners of the room. Thus bypassing all legalistic patent issues, for I’d have on my hands a completely new concept. I’d be outside the law. (I haven’t read up on patents and stuff but I have a natural instinct about these things, like a young Trump.) The unusually positioned air intake on the floor will be much appreciated for its unanticipated feature - not mentioned anywhere in the advertising - and word of mouth will quickly bring in a huge number of sales.

DDRopDeadly, Dec 03 2017


       // However, as i straddled it, //   

       Sorry, [DD], but that's the point where we stopped reading. We feared there might be Too Much Information about your domestic -appliance activities beyond that point, and the risk seemed to exceed the potential return.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

       A completely new concept, by definition, "Is" outside the current laws.
This, although probably a marketable thing, would not be a new concept, just an addition to an existing thing.

       Apparently the odds against one having an actual original concept are one in two point six million, which has prompted big business to line enough pockets in Congress to..., I mean, to fund the blatant theft of our North American First-to-invent rights since it affects so few of us in the long run.   

       I have personally beat those odds at least two documented times in my life, (there have been others I can't prove), without retaining the rights to my own intellectual property because of this theft of my rights.   

       What are the odds against that now I ask you?...   


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