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Dung Beetle Spice Grinder

grind spices using dung beetle action
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Dung Beetle Spice Grinder is a wind up mechanical device that is used as an aid to food preparation. It's a substantial piece of apparatus requiring its own stand.

It comes in four main parts: mechanical beetle; circular base with machined groove; heavy metal grinding ball; adjustable spring pressure radial arm.

The beetle contains a clock-work motor, which enables it push the heavy solid iron ball around on a circular grooved track cut into a marble or granite base. The radial arm attached to the ball allows it exert the necessary downwards pressure needed to fully grind and crush the spices.

The raw seed and spices are sprinkled along the pathway of the groove into which the ball is tightly located. Once activated, the mechanical beetle dutifully pushes the grinding ball around using the exact same relentless action as that of a real dung-beetle.

When sufficient rotations have been completed, and the spices reduced to a suitable degree of fragmentation, the entire device can be tipped up, via a strong hinge, causing its contents to be discharged unto a suitable receiving vessel.

(see pic if you are unfamiliar with the wonderful dung beetle)

xenzag, Jan 26 2014

Dung Beetle http://cherylmerril.../dung-beetle-bw.jpg
looks a bit like this only the ball is totally smooth [xenzag, Jan 26 2014]

http://en.wikipedia...ame%29#Beetle_drive ...Ohh, how we used to laugh.... [not_morrison_rm, Jan 27 2014]

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       One bun, but slightly liable to practical jokers who would replace mechanical with real dung beetle and dung.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 26 2014

       "I'll just hop down to the local dung and beetle store. Won't be a minute."
popbottle, Jan 26 2014

       You never heard of a beetle drive? (shows age).   

       Not to mention being prone to a dung beetle in the middle attack, should this be used for cryptography.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 27 2014


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