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Dustpan Soccer

A New Shopping Game
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This game involves 3 or more people. One of them is a janitor/clerk trying to do his job by sweeping the floor of a store. He must be using one of those dustpan on a stick things.

Basically all the other players take a receipt and divide into teams. One team crumples the receipt into a small ball and tries to score (edit: by means of kicking it) into the dustpan while the other team defends. The defending team should be subtle, as the janitor will likely try to help the offence to pick up the trash.

Edit: the general rules of soccer apply, no hands and the like.

bleh, Dec 18 2006

Wikipedia: Kick the can http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kick_the_can
[jutta, Dec 20 2006]


       wow. this one must be really bad. a whole day w/no annos or votes.
bleh, Dec 18 2006

       <chirping crickets>
Texticle, Dec 18 2006

       Is someone bored?
twitch, Dec 19 2006

       Although not widely known to exist, this was the best game played at the grocery store when I was a wee lad of just 15.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 19 2006

       //Sounds like kick-the-can//   

       With out the hiding, one person being it and having a reason to shout "all ye all ye all come free!".
Chefboyrbored, Dec 19 2006

       i never played kick the can. how do you play?
bleh, Dec 20 2006

       thanks jutta. I see a little similarity, except the 'can' is an independant and mobile thing who s not involved in the game by choice. and what [chef] said.
bleh, Dec 20 2006

       this is filed under the wrong sport. its nothing like soccer, its more like golf.
po, Dec 20 2006

       the author didn't mention kicking. the cleaner has a stick like implement.
po, Dec 20 2006

       I'm sorry but americans just don't *get* soccer (a bit like the late departed UnaBubba) - it's the beautiful game - not flicking a bit of paper into a waste paper bin - now That is Golf.
po, Dec 20 2006

       ////the author didn't mention kicking//   

       Yeah, but it has 'soccer' in the title so kicking's a given thing. There's also mention of a team defending, and the offence trying to score which is nowt like golf but a lot like football. bleh, maybe more clarification in the idea's main text could help? //   

       you nailed it on the head [boy]. I thought the kicking would be implied by use of the word soccer. given i am a fat oafish american who has no vested interest in soccer, so im sorry if i offended any of you brits out there.   

       //the cleaner has a stick like implement//   

       to which the goal is attached. he does not have to involve him self directly in the game either. he can goon doing his work if he chooses.   

       nothing like golf really.
bleh, Dec 20 2006

       //(almost going off into Ron Manager type reminiscing)//   

       "Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts......"   

webfishrune, Dec 21 2006


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