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Choreographed Exhibition Football Matches

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As tribute acts will perform entire concerts once performed by Abba or Pink Floyd or whoever, or theatre or opera companies will perform their interpretation of works by Shakespeare or Mozart, this idea is for a group of footballers to reenact classic matches (e.g. a reenactment of the 1966 World Cup final). The entire match would be planned and choreagraphed as carefuly as a ballet - fans would go, not to see who wins, but to see beautiful football.
hippo, Feb 24 2012

Phoenix fromthe Flames http://en.wikipedia...nix_from_the_Flames
TV at its finest. [DrBob, Feb 24 2012]


       Cool, and they could play the radio commentary from the *original* match to see how well it lines up.
phundug, Feb 24 2012

       We American philistines would still think it would be as boring as hell.
RayfordSteele, Feb 24 2012

       Change this to foosball and you have my vote.
bungston, Feb 24 2012

       "No, he's not faking an injury, it's in the script"
lurch, Feb 24 2012

       [+], although I doubt that the off-the-crossbar kicks could be reliably choreographed. You might need an intelligent, programmable football.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2012

       At last, somebody's come up with something to re-enact that's even duller than the (American) Civil War*.   

       * That's not to say that the Civil War is a boring topic, just that they never re-enact the interesting bits.
Alterother, Feb 25 2012

       They still reenact the (not so) Civil War? Craaaazy! I live less than 20 miles from the Shiloh battleground - museum - park - memorial and I've never been to a one of them.   

       I've never been to a football game either, so I doubt I would go to a reenactment of one.
Psalm_97, Feb 26 2012

       // I've never been to a one of them. //   

       Don't bother--I'm arguably the biggest history geek here and even I think they're boring as shit. Anyone who wants to 'experience' the Civil War is better off just reading _The Blue and The Gray_.
Alterother, Feb 26 2012

       Wearing tutus?
blissmiss, Feb 26 2012

       I prefer to read good books wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, but why the hell not.
Alterother, Feb 26 2012

       //I'm arguably the biggest history geek here //

That's quite a claim.
DrBob, Feb 26 2012

       //biggest// Ben Johnson once called himself England's greatest poet, meaning its largest.
mouseposture, Feb 26 2012

       Perhaps they could play it in a pool like with Synchronized Swimming... this could be the next great Olympic Sport, where full grown manly men splash about in perfect symmetry and harmonious bloodletting (...and, yes, [blissmiss], they could wear tutus to add to the pageantry of it all...).   

       Somewhere, Bronko Nagurski is rolling over in his grave --- sorry 'bout that bit.   

Grogster, Feb 26 2012

       // That's quite a claim. //   

       And I'm prepared to argue it with anyone. I may not be the most knowledgable, but I make up for it with recall, reference, and enthusiasm.   

       // meaning its largest. //   

       6' 3", which I've always thought of as being on the short side for a tall guy, so I may not physically be the biggest history geek here, but, again, enthusiasm.
Alterother, Feb 27 2012

       Gridiron - with its single action player specialisation and chunked action - would make re-enactment a billion per cent easier, at least in terms of adherence to the text. Soccerball is too fluid for the disoplay not to spin very quickly away from the match re-enacted, becoming instead a replication of a parallel universe match which would otherwise never be experienced on this version of Earth.
calum, Feb 27 2012

       I like it. You don't need to just reenact classic games though. An entire match, perhaps with a clever twist at the end, could be scripted and played out. Like cricket.
shudderprose, Feb 27 2012

       Alterother, I wasn't questioning your own geek factor just trying to point out that, as you really know very little about anyone else who uses the site, you have no evidence to base that claim on.
DrBob, Feb 27 2012

       I know, I just like to make baseless claims when there's not really anything on the line (i.e. has nothing to do with the core discussion). It leads to interesting discourse which can become educational, and it's fun to boast a little among freinds. As usual, I'm only half-serious. Think of it as a challenge; if nobody rises to it, I'll hardly consider myself a victor, but if someone does, I'll readily engage in some casual sparring. If it stops being fun (and it seems to be going in that direction now), I'll happily let the matter drop.
Alterother, Feb 27 2012

       Hoorah! More fun spoilt. I feel so proud!
DrBob, Feb 27 2012

       After due consideration, I feel I have erred. I would rather have declared myself to be 'one of the biggest history geeks here'. Sometimes I type before I think.
Alterother, Feb 27 2012


       "sometimes I type before I think"
normzone, Feb 27 2012


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