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dogdog, dog eat dog dodgeball, soccer and football

can i get a vote for a video game version?
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Elimination dodgeball played in a fenced arena with trained attack dogs. The players wear protective equipment and players are elimainated by being tackled by a dog or hit by the ball.

Soccer is played in a fenced court with at least four dogs, attacking both teams simultaniously. The mayhem would be very exciting. The dog trainers would double as refs. The players would have protective equipment unless the players are violent criminals or animal abusers

And, well ...use your imagination for football.

nov8r, May 14 2005

Why stop at dogs? http://www.newturfe...odianRing-Fight.htm
Finally, a use for this link... [justaguy, May 16 2005]


       Never buy tickets from a scalper.
reensure, May 14 2005

       Watch out for the puppy land mines.
Cracked, May 15 2005

       Do the field boundries change for territorial markings?
normzone, May 15 2005

       Hey you whimps!!! Don't throw out the baby with the poop n pee. But actually these are good ideas for the video version exploding poop and the poison pee. Thanks.
nov8r, May 15 2005

       Dog eat dog dodgeball gave me images of a set of great danes two teams of 4 people and a ball with a raw steak inside.
hidden truths, May 15 2005

       Ok...steakball it is.
nov8r, May 16 2005

       This idea would be great if both teams had their dogs in cages on the sideline and would only release them as a last resort when they were obviously going to loose, like a country with nuclear missiles in time of war. Of course, the other side would release their dogs as well (just like with nukes) and everybody would loose. Did I say everybody? Everybody but the fans that is. I would add this feature to all sports. With this feature, I would actually watch golf. "Well Jack, Tiger Woods looks pretty sharp today but his dog looks a little out of shape. His opponents have their fingers on their cage release buttons for this shot as it's all he needs to win and those puppies look hungry! He shoots, and .... OH MY GOD AN AMAAAZING HOLE IN ONE!! AAAAAAAND HHHEEEERRE COME THE DOGS!!!!' Not only would protective equipment be considered sissy, truly manly players would wear pork chop jock straps.
doctorremulac3, May 16 2005

       Finally-- the gladiator spirit !!!
nov8r, May 17 2005


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