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Duty free's for fighter pilots

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Well, as a slight alternative to laminating various parts of other countries*.

Anyway, I was thinking about out boys (and girl's) in blue (or is it green?). Howcome they never get duty frees? I mean if a chap (or chap-ette) is about to take a daring mission into enemy territory (which obviously involves leaving their own nation's airspace) then why shouldn't get the duty-free that even those of us who travel cattle- class get? It seems unjust.

Anyway, again most fighter planes have a two-seater version, so there is room for the steward and a possibly a small heavily-stealthed trolley. Alternatively the items on trolley could just be displayed on the HUD, along with a chip and pin machine, just below the fire button.

And, on a more somber note, for those who never return from the mission, there would be the consolation that they gave their lives for a noble cause, and they bought a load of those overpriced biros which can be distributed to extant relatives.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 25 2015

Spitfire Beer-Run Varient http://www.flightsi...&stc=1&d=1371192998
It should be noted that they calculated the time at high altitude necessary to perfectly chill the beer. [bs0u0155, Jun 25 2015]

Loot Tanks https://groups.goog...updates/tyYBSqI-l0A
[bs0u0155, Jun 25 2015]


       I think I'm surprised that this isn't already one of the perks of serving your country. But then nothing about this country surprises me anymore.
blissmiss, Jun 25 2015

       //out boys (and girl's)// I’m as liberal as the next person, but positive discrimination has its limits. Shouldn’t the straight and closet boys and girls get these perks as well?
pocmloc, Jun 25 2015

       //chap-ette// Shame on you, [nrm]. It's chap-esse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2015

       huh? Military aircraft routinely fly... er... luxury goods around the world. Their immunity to customs searches is not an opportunity that is frequently missed. I'm betting that this Spitfire <link> spent little time looking for the "something to declare" channel on the airfields behind Normandy beach.
bs0u0155, Jun 25 2015

       Nearly forty years ago I heard tell of a gentleman who brought back a significant quantity of hasheesh in this manner. He wouldn't part with small portions though, he wanted the lot of it gone.
normzone, Jun 25 2015

       //Dave Bowman   

       While reading looking at the Loot Tanks linky, I happened to spot the name "Dave Bowman". Does this suggest where a certain Mr A.C. Clarke got his cut-rate fags?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 01 2015

       "Ginger bought it on a sortie over Essen"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 02 2015


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