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Part Time Flight Attendant

Work your way around the world the modern way.
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In the olden days it used to be possible to join the crew of a ship bound for distant lands and get a free journey in exchange for working. These days I'm pretty sure you can't do it because of new safety rules and anyway, even these massive tankers only have crews of about ten people. Also, even if you could the people already cruising the ocean on these vast, empty vessels would probably be very weird, so it might be a bit scary.

I think it would be a good idea if you could do a short course in being a flight attendent. Then when you need to go somewhere expensive you could join the crew of a plane headed there. It is already possible to get jobs driving new cars to their owners house and in the process get free use of a car for a few days (well, it was in 'On The Road', they might not do it anymore). If being a flight steward requires too much training then you could do a simpler job like helping to wash the plane when it lands. it would be good for the airlines too as they would save lots of money on wages.

You would have to pay for the course but if you travel a lot by plane it would easily pay for itself. It might be popular with back packers in the same way TEFL courses are.

andy!, Nov 13 2002

Advertising for voluntary crew http://www.floatplan.com/crew.htm
[Mayfly, Oct 04 2004]

Yacht crew agency http://www.crewseekers.co.uk/
[Mayfly, Oct 04 2004]


       . . . or part time pilots.
bristolz, Nov 13 2002

       People of any age anywhere. It's eminently useful. Like the work study program. I imagine barter in labor could lead to efficiencies in the delivery of many services.
LoriZ, Nov 14 2002

       I once had a job acting as ballast on a ship.
ajwhunter, Nov 14 2002

       This would have been a good idea before Sept. 11th, but given the state of the world these days, I don't think it's gonna fly (sorry).
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2002

       Working passage *is* possible on airplanes, if you're prepared to be an escort for those overnight express couriered materials (usually low fare rather than free, though, and I've no idea how this industry has adapted to all the heightened security).
DrCurry, Nov 14 2002

       This is entirely possible, albeit on yachts instead of planes.   

       See links...
Mayfly, Nov 14 2002

       [NaN] This could start a new trend in ecoterrorism. There's a lot of off-shore oil rigs out there.
Mayfly, Nov 14 2002

       And when this boat terrorism starts happening, who do you suppose will be the prime suspects? (Gestures toward Nick and Mayfly)
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2002

       Fly anytime lately? Believe me the stew's are part-time workers.
subchief, Aug 31 2003


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