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E-Power to the People

Isocratic polling for subscribers
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Right On!

So you voted for candidate A. When candidate A wins you, by way of your election contribution subscription now have his E-ear.

Every vote your candidate is able to make also comes to you, his supporter.

If he wants to pursue legislation that puts you in in competition with untrained, unskilled workers working somewhere with no concern for environmental impact or employee safety, by all means, click the radio button choice in your email to let him or her know none of those things concern you.

Surely his E-ear will loom larger than the Political Action Committees.

Zimmy, Feb 25 2011

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       This would be an incentive to vote for the candidate deemed likely to win, rather than the one whose ideals, or policies, or character the voter most approved of.   

       Hence useful in a country with many small political parties that have difficulty forming stable governing coalitions, but less so in a country with a de facto two-party system.
mouseposture, Feb 25 2011

       The two party system was not envisioned by our founders, I suspect. I suspect it would cause their annoyance to a higher level than even my own.
Zimmy, May 11 2011


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