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E-mail address button

Dedicated key that pastes your email address
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I get tired of typing in my full e-mail address so many times a day. Why not have a dedicated button on the keyboard that would essentilly "paste" your e-mail address in a given space?

Along the same line, how about a multiple-paste option. The ability to paste more than just the last item you cut or copied. On the menu it would apper as an arrow next to the "paste" option that would give you the choice of the last 5 items you cut or copied. I've never seen this option on any os, but I sure have wanted it at times. Aloha. (New contributor, so please be kind)

hightide, Nov 28 2002

f0 - f9 http://www.heydon.o...acorn-bbc-large.jpg
for 8th. [st3f, Oct 17 2004]


       The multiple pastes is available in WindowsXP (OfficeXp at least), and i think one of the web-browsers lets you fill in a form of personal details, and it will fill in the blanks for you. Probably just a browser companion, actually.
tyskland, Nov 28 2002

       Keyboard macros. Clipboard managers. Baked.
egnor, Nov 28 2002

       Sure it's baked, but it's still a good idea. Full credit to you.   

       P.S. From what I've seen, most people get a couple of baked/fishboned ideas at first, then they seem to get into the swing of it. However following some helpfull advice from the others during my first couple of ideas (very baked, now in the trash can) it's a good idea to observe for a little while how people react to ideas. Then your idea can be shaped to suit the audience.
reap, Nov 28 2002

       //Sure it's baked, but it's still a good idea. Full credit to you.//
Why credit to him? He didn't think of it first.
angel, Nov 29 2002

       I used to have a very good programmable keyboard which had 24 function keys; keys F13 to F24 could be programmed with strings up to 32 characters long. It was excellent and extremely useful, but I left it behind whan I changed companies and could never find another one like it <sob, sniffle>.   

       So while this is Baked, it's still a good idea.   

       <grumble> Why, oh why, are the function keys numbered F1 to F12 ? Surely they should be numbered F0 to F11 ? </grumble>
8th of 7, Nov 29 2002


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