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Repeat email

On second thoughts...
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'Repeat' button for sent email folder; like 'Forward' but creates email from previous sent email, addressed to the same recipients. Useful for P.S., further thoughts, reminders etc. Never seen this in an email client, so have to use 'Forward', then cut and paste recipients from the previous email.

Quick 'Reminder' version just re-sends previous email to same recipients, headed 'please reply to my previous email' or some such.

Fozziter, Nov 23 2006


       Microsoft Office Outlook has "Resend This Message". It allows modifications before re-sending, but you have to open up the original mail before selecting the "action" drop down menu.
Ling, Nov 23 2006

       You can also open the email in your sent folder, reply-to-all and just remove your own name from the recipients.
theleopard, Nov 24 2006

       Another way for people to send me the same stupid email twice? And now with less effort.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 24 2006


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