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Email Address Book Sync

Automatically send an email to self to syncronize address books over multiple computers
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I use Thunderbird for the same email account at both work and at home. It would be very nice if the email addresses that I add to one instance of Thunderbird, would then be automatically updated on the other.

The idea is pretty simple. When an email address is added or updated, Thunderbird would email yourself an xml formatted address book that it would leave on the server.

When Thunderbird logs in again, if the address book email header has a new date, it asks (or not, if you set it to auto-update) if you wish to sync with the new address book.

A pass phrase to verify that you are, in fact, really you, would be key to prevent abuse.

talldave, Jan 23 2008


       "Thunderbird would email yourself an xml formatted address book that it would leave on the server."
Your SMTP server? If that were the case, why not just have the SMTP server keep a copy of your address book you could synchronize to from anywhere?
phoenix, Jan 23 2008

       I wondered about that; the only answer I got was to enable off-line editing (eg, for mobile applications).
angel, Jan 23 2008

       Keeping the address book online does seem to be the easiest solution to this. I actually keep mine in my Palm Pilot, which synchs to some, but not all, of the email programs I use, but AOL does a pretty good job of tracking my contacts, without being asked to.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2008


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