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subdomain for email accounts

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you know the normal email account?


Why not have additional feature where, you can have multiple pigeon hole for one account. Any emails sent to one of em, is automagically tagged and filed. ( if it doesn't exist, then the email is simply 'tagged' and goes to normal channels)

If done properly, you can also query the server to find how you can tag your email. (doesn't have to show private pigeon holes)








mofosyne, Aug 19 2010

Plus sign in email addresses http://notfaq.wordp...in-email-addresses/
[Wrongfellow, Aug 19 2010]


       Does this count as "widely known to exist"?   

       Years ago the standard separator character for this used to be a '+'.   




Wrongfellow, Aug 19 2010

       I didn't know that? can you tell me more about this? Is it a new gmail feature?   

       Is there a link that explains about it?
mofosyne, Aug 19 2010

       I couldn't find a page with a really detailed explanation, but googling for "plus sign in email address" finds quite a lot of discussion of this feature.   

       It predates gmail by at least a decade.
Wrongfellow, Aug 19 2010

       My own preference is already in place... if I had an e-mail server and felt like administering a bunch of e-mail addresses on it:

       Akimbomidget@FlyingToaster.com would be what Akimbo'd use.
HalfBakery@FlyingToaster.com would be what the group'd use and be the recipient for admin e-mails.

       But + sounds almost as good and you don't even need a mail-server... treat the default unplussed addy as spam... or at least unsolicited.   

       hmm.... just checked my e-mail and I just got some spam... from myself: apparently I was in the Ukraine a couple hours ago and felt the pressing need to remind myself about Viagra when I got home.   

       "+" doesn't work with Yahoo mail :(
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2010

       Most POP3 clients support filters ...
8th of 7, Aug 19 2010

       If, like me, you have your own domain name, you can use "." as a separator of sorts.
Spacecoyote, Aug 20 2010

       We use something very similar to this to separate our email addresses.
nineteenthly, Aug 20 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist, I agree. The details depend on your specific email provider.   

       It's a very good idea, just a tad late.
jutta, Aug 20 2010


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