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EMO PDA Stylus

A ready to hand stylus for the EMO about town
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We've all seen PDA's that require a stylus to operate, however have you ever considered what you would do if you happened to be an EMO / Goth and use of a PDA Stylus was verbotten (ie not cool).

My idea is for the putative EMO / Goth to add to his / her extensive black wardrobe / makeup by adding a long acrylic black fingernail. This fingernail would then act as the stylus for using a PDA.

The advantages immediately apparent are a) you would never drop / lose the stylus, b) it would fit in with the general 'Goth' theme and c) . . . sorry I can't think of a c)

Brett-Blob, Sep 26 2007

Emos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo_(slang)
Not sure why [Brett]'s capitalised it but they are fellows that like emotional rock and have bad hair. [theleopard, Sep 26 2007]

Baked - Stinger Stylus http://the-gadgetee...i_comparison_review
The stinger and other styli reviewed here. The bottom one is almost a piece of Goth jewellery [Karnuvap, Sep 26 2007]

...great for ruining your tights too. http://images.chron...1xInlineGallery.jpg
[po, Sep 26 2007]


       c) it could be used as a claw/ pointy weapon which would further up the goth cred.
bleh, Sep 26 2007

       How about a soft tipped nose stud that is worn on the tip of the nose, Rhino-like.
marklar, Sep 26 2007

       What's an EMO?
jtp, Sep 26 2007

       i was thinkin for sure that it was gonna be a razor blade shaped stylus... maybe a wrist shaped PDA
rascalraidex, Sep 26 2007

       I know a girl who does just that. She's not a member of any particular clique, she's just a girl who has long nails and a PDA.   

       Not new to me.
wagster, Sep 26 2007

       Baked by myself. I keep my fingernails long for playing guitar and autoharp. I've found the nail on my index finger to be particularly useful for my PDA and the tiny buttons on my cellphone.
Noexit, Sep 26 2007

       A PDA stylus shaped like a flightless bird?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2007

       //What's an EMO?//   

       EMO is a new, popular type of pop-rock that has turned perfectly normal high-school kids into EMOTIONAL black wearing ###'s. EMO is short for emotional, and its the style of rock. Very sad, simple music that is being gobbled up by "cast away's"   

       The problem is the music (AT FIRST) was supposed to be made, and made for societies rejects. It gained popularity and then grew exponentially at the hand of producers and record companies. Don't listen to it.
evilpenguin, Sep 26 2007

       New? My ass. Emo brats have been calling themselves that since the early 1990s.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2007

       Is using a PDA in any way cool for a Goth? Or Emo?   

       [Dumb thought: Rod Hull and Emo]
DrCurry, Sep 26 2007

       [Galbinus_Caeli] Your right. It just took the mainstream producers / record companys / MTV / american pop-music machine to get its hands on 'EMO' music and exploit it into retaurdedness (I know, that word is made up)
evilpenguin, Sep 26 2007

       // not sure why Brett's capitalised (EMO) //   

       Thanks TheLeopard - I'm just assuming that Emos shout more than Goths.
Brett-Blob, Sep 27 2007

       //Is using a PDA in any way cool for a Goth? Or Emo? //   

       Seems like they 're the ones most in need of a hug, a kiss, a simple touch. Maybe a little handholding as well.
Noexit, Sep 27 2007


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