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Identity Gun

Find out all about a person without even speaking to them
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[I couldn't find a suitable category to put this in. I hope it counts.]

Somewhere along the line, I hope that everyone will soon carry their own personal computer chip, possibly as an implant upon birth. They do it to some young criminals in this country already. Anyway...

When you have a chip like this, you can enter as much information as you like into it. Think of it as an MSN profile, where you can enter whatever you want people to see about you. You fill in all the details you want to share, then load them into your body chip.

If there's ever a time when you turn somebody's head (you sexy person, you!), they might want to know something about you. They'll pull out their little Identity Gun, aim it at you and flash. The little LED display shows them your profile.

The Gun also has a 256KB temp folder, so you can look over the profiles you have collected over the day.

AFTER COLLECTING -8, +4: It MUST be reiterated: you CHOOSE what goes on your profile.

monkeyseemonkeydo, Mar 14 2003


       Kids these days. *shrug*
snarfyguy, Mar 14 2003

       As long as I am in control of what info I share, +.
sambwiches, Mar 14 2003

       You're in total control, [sambwiches] :)
monkeyseemonkeydo, Mar 14 2003

       Try telling that to my car insurance provider.
sambwiches, Mar 14 2003

angel, Mar 14 2003

       Does it come with a numbered tattoo?
RayfordSteele, Mar 14 2003

       i'm way biased (given a mildly related idea of mine), but i don't feel comfortable with people being able to pull my information at random. i might be willing to accept having them send me something -- that's no more invasive than getting an email or having someone walk up to you and talk. but definitely no info stealing.
MacBellend, Mar 16 2003

       As long as I can program mine to say "F#@k off, you overly self-conscious loser." I'm all for it.
ato_de, Mar 18 2003

       All I need is a device to remember the people I know - I am abysmal with names.
DrCurry, Mar 18 2003

       I take it everyone who objects to this idea has a blank Halfbakery profile page, no web home page, and no profile on anything like AOL or MSN. And never wears slogan t-shirts.
pottedstu, Mar 18 2003

       yep, that's me, pottedstu
zeno, Dec 28 2004

       Pottedstu: Yep.   

       While this isn't an inherently bad idea, implementing it properly could be a stone bitch.   

       Your tag would have to be easily rendered temporarily unreadable (impossible with implants)
Chrontius, Dec 29 2004


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