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sock pairing smartphone app
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The app dialog:

Where do you wish to do your sock pairing. Please select a flat surface
( ) Sofa
( ) Floor
( ) Table
( ) Other [Press here to set]

How many socks can be paired on the {Surface} at a time?
[12 v]


Please set all the socks with "outside out" like in the picture.
[Done. Next]

Spread {n} socks on the the {surface} so that all are individually seen and flat.

{camera image}
Aim camera at all socks. Do not worry if picture seems blurred, it will be corrected digitally. When ready click the PAIR NOW button
[Pair now!] -----------------------

{Image with marked pairs}
Please pair the following socks.

{image of marked socks}
Change marked socks with socks from the UNPAIRED pile

{image of marked socks}
Remove these socks to the UNPAIRED pile.
( ) I have more socks to pair
( ) Thank you I'm done


Add {n} socks to {surface}. When done press next.

// back to "aim camera" screen
// or: report

Sock pairing report:
Thank you for using iSockRepair.
In this sock pairing session:
You have paired {x} sock pairs.
You have been left with {y} unpaired socks.
Of these {z} have been seen in previous sock searches. Do you wish to see the pairs of current search with former searches? [Yes] [No]

You have paired a total of {a} pairs of socks until now with iSockPair. [Restart] [End]

Thank you for using iSockPair.

Developed using {Using National Instruments optical vision program for smartphones (if they have one)}

or: Developed using {Intel's optical SDK (forgot what its called).}

Copyright (c) February 2013 Halfbakery bakers group
Special thanks to bakesperson for hb website.

pashute, May 18 2012


       I assume this works for shiny, white socks?
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       It's futile, [pashute]. Once lost they never come back. They're gone for good. All efforts to recover, track, train, are futile.
blissmiss, May 18 2012

       // All efforts to recover, track, train, are futile.//   

       Flocking tubesocks?
Zimmy, May 18 2012

       I think I preferred the idea when I first saw it, in broken html.
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       Today I found the missing pairs of two sock pairs!! The app doesn't work yet.
pashute, Jun 05 2012


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