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EMP Racing

Maglev / lift, Electomagnetic Propulsion luges
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A multi guide rail/way race circuit of huge proportion with off circuit stopping tracks, whereas the racers lie flat,supine on their backs within specially built luges,suited within pressurized G-suits.

The wrap-around guide rail system prevents derailment, and provides stability for the racers,and the single guide rail allows the the EMP luge to make tight curves at high speeds.

Throughout the circuit optical sensors on the tracks tell when the luge is coming and to turn on the magnetic coils in the appropriate region to accelerate the luge as part of the propulsion system.Braking via EMP brakes.

NASA have demonstrated that a craft upon a sled that would be magnetically levitated and propelled at an acceleration of 2 gs reached a speed of 400 mph.0 - 400 in about nine and a half seconds.2 gs is still fairly comfortable.Maglev trains can reach well over 300 mph.

Originally, thought of a pair of maglev EMP boots, where,as you presume the position of a downhill skier,within a suit with locking straps to keep you that way.However if a 30-lb object on a track reaches speeds of 60 mph in less than half a second levitated above the track by about half an inch...I foresee problems.

" On your marks get set...gone...! "

skinflaps, Jan 16 2004

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       no rider control? no chance for human error resulting in disaster?   

       I think you need to move this into the rollercoaster category.
ato_de, Jan 16 2004

       A giant Scalectrix set? Cool.
kropotkin, Jan 16 2004

       How is this a race? Does each team make their own "car"? Do people drive? Is there any skill involved other then being very light weight and laying down flat? (No driving skills are necesary...) This seems to me more like an ultra-expensive rollercoaster for one person...
Space-Pope, Jan 16 2004

       [ Space-pope ] multiple rail system, linear induction motors, EMP braking, weight shift, yes.
skinflaps, Jan 16 2004

       I'm there.   


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