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EOIP (Edit Over IP)

Make your own porn...
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I promise this will be my last "Over IP" idea.

EOIP would be used for more than just the porn industry, however, the technology may develop faster and be more popular if introduced in that market first. For instance, the porn industry had a big part in VHS's success over Beta and may also decide the fate of the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray format war.

For porn fans, what's better than porn? New porn of course. And what's better than new porn? Making your own porn.

However, most people don't want the risks and startup costs of making their own porn videos to sell.

A business could develop the technology for someone to create their own porn video from the comfort of their own home.

A user would go to a website. Pick the porn actors, wardrobe, set, write a short script, and be able to direct the porn from home.

From the web browser he could control mulitple camera angles. Switch angles in realtime, zoom, pan, tilt, tell the actors what to do, etc. At the end, the user would have a master on DVD and a downloadable version.

The user can choose to sell the DVD by creating their own store similar to how people can make their own store on cafepress.com. The business would take care of fulfulling the orders.

The income for the business would come from the users who have to pay for the sessions needed to make the video. More income would come from fulfilling the orders of the sold DVD's. The users who created the DVD would also get income by marking up the price of the video to the buyers.

If you have a friend who likes billiards and has a favorite pornstar, you would be able to create a personalized porn DVD for him/her with their favorite porn star saying their name and having sex on a pool table. A cool gift for a porn fan.

The website could create a community of amateur pornographers and have contests for the best videos.

mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

IP http://en.wikipedia...i/Internet_Protocol
[mos8ball, Aug 22 2005]

VOIP (Voice Over IP) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voip
[mos8ball, Aug 22 2005]

(?) Live-Shot.com http://live-shot.com/
[mos8ball, Aug 22 2005]

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[mos8ball, Aug 22 2005]


       Creating a system by which a lot of money would be spent to create something with an extremely limited sales market? Sounds like good business sense to me.
hidden truths, Aug 22 2005

       Another "Over IP" idea.   

       The halfbakery isnt about doing things over IP. It is about ideas and inventions.
DesertFox, Aug 22 2005

       What's IP?
squeak, Aug 22 2005

       IP = internet protocol
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       So doing things "over IP" is not considered an idea or invention? Is it because it does something new with existing technology? If that's the case, then TV over IP would not be a good idea or invention, however, I'm sure TV over IP will happen.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       I don't see anything inventive here. I see a business model that can't make money leading to a product that can't be priced to sell, created by directors who won't know what do to, supplying a market of people who probably won't want to pay.   

       Maybe it's the whole "Internet makes it good" attitude glossing over all the problems that's turning me off the idea.
st3f, Aug 22 2005

       EOIP would let you edit video over the internet. I'm sure there'd be a market for that if people already spent a fortune to let let people shoot a gun online and do surgery online (see links). The porn market would be a good place to start for Editing online.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       Baked (or so someone told me). You can just tell the webcampeople what to and they do it (or so I am told). You can download the video. Don't see what's new.
zeno, Aug 22 2005

       The EOIP is the new idea, not the telling the webcam people what to do and downloading the video. You don't get to edit the video remotely in that situation. The directing your own porn part is just an application of EOIP.   

       The interface of EOIP would be similar to Final Cut Pro's new multicam editing, where it shows all the angles and you can switch in realtime to make an angle live.   

       However, with EOIP, you would be switching live video remotely and would also have the controls to pan, tilt, zoom, focus, etc.   

       Forget about the porn part if that is turning everyone off.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       The porn part won't turn people of here. We are all adults (or pose as). It's the core of the idea that does it, or not in this case.   

       So this idea is just webcam porn with added features? Not original enough for me.
zeno, Aug 22 2005

       The idea is not webcam porn with added features. The core idea is having the ability to edit video from a remote location.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       //The idea is not webcam porn with added features. The core idea is having the ability to edit video from a remote location. mos8ball, Aug 22 2005 //
Unfortunately the author has not included any instructions as to how the device may be constructed.
Nor has the author explained how this differs from other applications that use this transport mechanism (I understand that the author has linked to a number of sites with well known "interactive over IP" scenarios).
Where is the *idea* that makes this different?. If you want to manage a site from a Web Browser then you have to manufacture the engine to do this.
You have given us a proposal and not an idea.
gnomethang, Aug 22 2005


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