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Website 'resolves' couple's arguments
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In the same dreadful spirit as hotornot.com, a website called something like hesaidshesaid.com in which couples can post their versions of an argument or problematic situation. Readers could then vote on who they think is right.
Sphinxie, Mar 02 2005


       [+] Because a divorce court's the wrong place for petty squabbles.
wagster, Mar 02 2005

       I question whether a vote amongst people I don't know has much meaning to me in a personal argument, though.
bristolz, Mar 02 2005

       I've seen a site exactly like this, but I'll be damned if I can think of the name of it.
waugsqueke, Mar 03 2005

       ...because everyone knows that that there's three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and the truth.
mihali, Mar 03 2005

       "Always" and "Never" are the culprit words in couple arguments - seriously.   

       If you are fighting a lot, try setting up an agreement where the first person to use "Always" or "Never" in the argument is automatically deemed to have lost.   

       Or split up and sell the trailer. Whatever.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 03 2005

       With the right marketing I see this website getting very popular. Good idea.
zeno, Mar 03 2005

       I can forsee this causing even more rifts, gets me bun.
skinflaps, Mar 03 2005

       In my esteemed and expert opinion, the words of an argument and the circumstances surrounding the argument are rarely, if ever, relevant to the actual problem. Anonymous votes on some trivial issue are unlikely to help the fact that two people may hate each other but are too insecure to part.
Detly, Mar 04 2005

       //...because everyone knows that that there's three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and the truth.//   

       6 Total: Hers/His/Truth then,   

       What mihali and afro said, and everyone else will just say, "yeah, what waugs said".   

       As for the idea, I am not the sort that likes to air my dirty linens in public. This sounds like an internet copy of the Springer show. The audience voices their opinion by shouting at the people they disagree with.
blissmiss, Mar 04 2005

       Ah, but through the magic of the internet nobody will know the linens are yours.
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005

       ...or that they are dog linens.
bristolz, Mar 04 2005

       ...or that they're imaginary linens...
froglet, Mar 05 2005


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