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Integrated Torrent And Pay By Rating App

Integrated Torrent Search/Download and Media Player/Rating/Payment App
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You search, download, and consume (watch, listen, or read) content via one application. After you experience the content, a rating prompt comes up and how much you pay is directly related to how much you enjoyed the content. The idea is to change from a paywall system like iTunes or Amazon to a system that acknowledges that piracy is going to happen, and you should be happy to accept whatever payment the consumer deems worthwhile. This should discourage movie previews that completely misrepresent the product they're selling.
tokataro, May 18 2012


       Welcome to the Halfbakery! Just a request... Could you please add some spaces to your idea titles rather than using CamelCase? They sort of screw up the layout as it is. Thanks!
ytk, May 19 2012

       Doh! Sorry, I thought they had to be all one word since they become the url.
tokataro, May 19 2012

       Hmm. I am not sure its such a good idea, maybe if the rating/paying system was inverted, so the higher you rate it the less you pay? Basically the artist exchanges money for publicity. Or something. Welcome to the halfbakery by the way, although I haven't been here long myself.
erenjay, May 19 2012

       Part of the ship... Part of the crew...
Alterother, May 19 2012


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