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EZ-Clean Smoking Pipe

A pipe that is easy to get the tar out of.
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Getting the tar out of one's pipe is messy and unnecessarily difficult. The reason for this is that the tar is thick and viscous and it's stuck in a skinny little tube.

I saw on TV how a South American blow-dart tube was made, and I thought, Aha!

Split the tube lengthwise, re-attach the two halves, and you have a two-section pipe stem which can be taken apart so that the tar can be easily scooped out.

The two halves could be held together by a dove tail joint.

Am I explaining this well enough?

unfettered, Sep 08 2009


       Clamshell (razorshell?) pipe, I quite like it - glossy walnut with elegantly inset miniature brass hinges - the tar itself might help maintain a close seal - which would be paramount for a successful and satisfying pipe action.
zen_tom, Sep 08 2009


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