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One-handed Pipe

Smoke pipes with one hand
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Usual operation of a pipe involves holding of the pipe in one hand against your mouth, and then using your other hand to hold a lighter and then lighting the pipe.

I propose a pipe design with a lighter built into the pipe itself. There would be a button, in a convenient spot on the side of the pipe, to ignite the lighter and the flame would be directed at the area where the TOBACCO sits. Operation could be performed with one hand... this way you wont have to put your beer down when you're handed a pipe...

iracohens, Mar 04 2005

(?) Cached page of e-bay auction
for a "Vintage Aluminum Pipe with built-in lighter." I'm assuming that these must have existed at some point. Perhaps as a novelty. [bristolz, Mar 04 2005]

Toke-o-matic http://www.dopebrit...ts.php?select_id=24
Not likely designed with tobacco in mind [Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005]

A better picture of the Toke-o-matic http://www2u.biglob.../Img_pipetoke-o.jpg
[Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005]


       I see quite a few references when searching on "self-lighting pipe". There's little accompanying mention of tobacco, though.
half, Mar 04 2005

       So yet another way to get drunker, quicker? Or a useful tool for when driving? The debate shall rage...
froglet, Mar 04 2005

       I was reading a magazine for "smoking products" one day and I saw an ad for little glass pipes with built-in magnifying glasses over the bowls. These probably only work on sunny days but this idea's already baked. And they say that stuff's not good...go figure.
thatguy, Mar 05 2005

       This invention will propel pipe smokers and TOBACCO users to new levels of creativity. If only the Founding Fathers had this invention. Welcome, [ira].
bungston, Mar 05 2005

       I too, felt that this was a thing of necessity, but, if you want it done right, you need to do it yourself, so I made my own
dumb_doggy, Mar 07 2007

       This idea is already completely baked. I have in my possession, a pipe made of brass and wood with an integral piezo-electric lighter. It looks like a nose-hair trimmer, you suck through the part that would be the cutting end and you press in on the other end to light the lighter. It's built extremely well and I would recommend it to anybody if i could remember what it was called. I bought it at the smoke shop near my house and have never seen another one since. Unfortunately, like a douchebag, i tossed the package out the window of my car before i could memorize what the damn thing is called.
superturtle174, Jun 08 2007

       A pipe, nose-hair trimmer combination. We haven't seen that one.
ldischler, Jun 08 2007

       Just use it in the wind and it's a pipe/nose-hair burner.
xandram, Jun 08 2007


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