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a disguised party-craft
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Using the latest hover technology, this hookah not only hovers in the room, it is also disguised as an upright vacuum cleaner. It may seem as though there are a lot of ‘attachments’, which extend out from the handle, but these are extra hoses for several people to use at once. The chamber is nicely concealed within the zippered vacuum cleaner bag. The hover technology is great for easy movement. In the event an unwelcome guest arrives at the party, just glide the H-H into a corner or broom closet. (Not to be confused with a Hoover)
xandram, Feb 15 2006


       Heaven help you if you mistake the real vacuum for the hover hookah!
DrCurry, Feb 15 2006

       Maid complains: "I tried to vacuum, but all it did was stink up the room"
normzone, Feb 16 2006

       hmmmmm...i didn't know vacuuming was illegal...
xandram, Feb 16 2006

       I brought my Hookah into a Denny's once... long story short I got kicked out.   

       Maybe a good way to distinguish between vacuums is that one is sitting on the floor, and the other is hovering in the f-ing air.   

       I mean, if your gonna go concealing your hookah, is having it hover in the air really all that beneficial?   

       I just fail to see any solidarity in your reasoning.   

daseva, Feb 16 2006

       Why have I never thought of this?
wagster, Feb 16 2006

"Why, hello officer."
"Sir, we've had reports of noise from the neigh- Why is your vacuum cleaner floating?"
"Uhm, I cleaned up a helium spill?"
shapu, Feb 16 2006

       + for hookah, but why does it look like a vacuuum?
i-Mer, Feb 19 2006

       [shapu] love your anno, just couldn't stop laughing! [i-Mer] well that just came to me as I was halfbaking...isn't that the way. I was first thinking of a Shiva-type figure with many arms, but that would be a lot harder to disguise. "o yeah, my friend Shiva is hiding in the broom closet" didn't sound like a valid excuse.
xandram, Feb 19 2006

       If I get this right, you *could* actually use your regular vacuum cleaner for this, if you could get it to hover. Just don't turn it on. There would just be an attached hookah on the side.   

       Which would probably make this a whole 'nother idea ;-)
blissmiss, Feb 19 2006


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