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Replaceable Crack Pipe Filter

Safety first!
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Crack cocaine is not as popular a drug as it once was in terms of percentages of drug users who prefer it, but it's still a pretty common narcotic product. And it's very unsafe to smoke, because in order to liquify and then evaporate the crack, it has to be placed in front of a filter at one end of the crack pipe...usually, this filter is a metallic brillo pad.

Regardless of the fact that the crack connoisseur first heats up the filter to burn off most of the coating, it's still a pretty nasty thing - tack on the fact that the filter absolutely MUST be pushed around a bit to break off the crack that cools and solidifies on it (gotta get your money's worth!), which can break the pipe and cause injuries, and you're just asking for trouble.

So I propose a dipartite filtration system for crack cocaine that will keep that smooth, smooth flavor while preventing hand injuries from shards and burns from hot glass.

Firstly, this will use a standard cigarette filter, available at any tobacconist or corner drug.

That filter will be placed in an aluminum cylinder, with a tongue-like extension. The tongue and cylinder would be slid into the crack pipe cylinder-end first, with the tongue extending outward just beyond the edge of the pipe. The crack would rest on the tongue.

Heating the pipe heats the tongue, which in turn heats the cylinder. The crack would evaporate and be inhaled through the filter, removing impurities. The aluminum, because of its high conductivity, will keep the filter hot and thus prevent precipitation of the crack, and therefore reduce the risk of injuries from broken glass, the risk of burned fingers, and the risk of burnt lips caused by overshort crack pipes.

The aluminum cylinder would have a hinge so that old filters can be removed and replaced. Simply grab by the protruding end of the tongue, slide out, replace, and enjoy.

Please note: Drugs are bad.

shapu, Nov 30 2004

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Trying to kick the addiction? Start here. [shapu, Nov 30 2004]

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[shapu, Nov 30 2004]


       Hm, I don't know...I kinda like the brillo pad.   

       What the fuck?
Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004

       //what the fuck?//   

       You know, I brought this up with a coworker yesterday when we ran into each other at Home Depot, and he said pretty much the same thing.   

       I guess I'm trying to catch the tailing edge of that "Free needles for heroin addicts" wave.
shapu, Nov 30 2004

       So the idea is pull the crack smoke through a cigarette filter and then call the cigarette filter a crack filter? I denno. Is this idea a device to hold a cigarette filter against a glass pipe? Does that circumvent the problem with preventing chunks of the stuff from accumulating on the screen (aka. brillo pad)?   

       Cigarette filters melt at relatively low temperatures, and smolder, and taste terrible when they do.   

       I guess I'm just not clear on the idear here - - the implementation or any of it. Be honest, you just wanted to post a crack cocaine idea.
contracts, Nov 30 2004

       No, the idea came to me last night...I was just pondering here. If I'd wanted to post an idea dealing with a vice, it would have centered around prostitutes and chocolate bars.   

       The idea is to pull the smoke through a cigarette filter, yes, but to use that cigarette filter in a novel device that would hold said filter inside a glass pipe.   

       It SHOULD circumvent the problem of precipitation, since the aluminum would keep the filter evenly hot. I'm aware of how truly rotten cigarette filters smell (and taste) when scorched - my thinking is that the temperature would remain low enough to prevent ignition of the filter.   

       Crack melts at 80 degrees, whereas a cigarette gets up to over 900 C (on inhalation).   

       I suppose a sister device could also be used in marijuana paraphernalia, but I haven't really thought too much about that.
shapu, Nov 30 2004

       I wanna hear the idea about hookers and chocolate.
Eugene, Dec 01 2004

       "Hooker" is such a loaded word...
shapu, Dec 01 2004

       Because I initially misread 'filter' as 'filler', I thought it was some sort of expanding substance that you put down a cracked drainpipe to repair it from the inside. How wrong I was.   

       //Drugs are bad.// - amen to that.
vigilante, Dec 01 2004

       drugs are bad, so don't improve them.
DesertFox, Dec 01 2004

       The children of the ghetto, adrift and doing drugs, would throw their crackpipes all away if they were getting hugs. You know drugs are not for anyone, they will fry their little old brains, so say no to the drugs, and do some HUGS, and let's all bump cocaine. (where am i gonna get some more?)
420FAGtx, Jun 26 2005

       Would you happen to have a rough draft sketch of this pipe?
Drewgrace, Aug 30 2006

       There's another one. [420FAGtx] opened an account, posted 5 annos on June 26, and is gone. It's a weird world.
normzone, Aug 31 2006

       //a cigarette gets up to over 900 C// Surely that's the temperature at the glowing tip. The filter gets nowhere near that temperature. Or am I wrong?
spidermother, Aug 31 2006


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