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Ear Crisps

ear shaped potato crisps
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Ear Crisps are a potato crisp range manufactured to resemble a human ear. Startle your friends as you place a bowl of them in the middle of the table for after dinner nibbles.

One in a hundred packets has a special hidden collector's pierced crisp, with a silver ear- ring attached.

xenzag, Mar 24 2007

pig ears http://www.petsuppl...ts-(100-count).html
[nuclear hobo, Mar 24 2007]

Ear Crisp http://www.hearingc...dise/stress_ear.jpg
made from King Edward's best spuds [xenzag, Mar 24 2007]

ear cookies baked here http://www.praguepo...rotected-status.php
[xandram, Mar 25 2007]

Earios http://www.ahajokes.com/crt381.html
The breakfast cereal equivalent [hidden truths, Mar 25 2007]

Elephant Ears http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fried_dough
Fried dough (not to be confused with Fri-to) [csea, Mar 27 2007]

Sopaipillas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sopaipilla
Crispy, puffy pillows for the ears [csea, Mar 27 2007, last modified Mar 28 2007]

oznei Haman http://en.wikipedia...m#Traditional_foods
("Haman's ears") in modern Hebrew. [TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 27 2007]


       may I nibble on your ear?
po, Mar 24 2007

       no you may not! We have elephant ears, here in the U.S. They are shaped like, get this...elephant ears.   

       They are nothing but fried dough sprinkled with powerdered sugar. See link. I think.
blissmiss, Mar 24 2007

       My dog enjoys pig ears.
nuclear hobo, Mar 24 2007

       How ya doin blissy?
wagster, Mar 25 2007

       mmmmm +
jaksplat, Mar 25 2007

       Thanks a lot [blissmiss]. Now I have to go raid the fridge. I'm not gettin' any skinnier you know.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 25 2007

       Availible in fine flavors such as Original, Ketchup, Salt & Vinegar, Evander Holyfield, and All Dressed.
croissantz, Mar 25 2007

       As long as we're imitating body parts I have a great idea for hot dogs.
JSand, Mar 25 2007

       Wow, 7 whole annotations before a Tyson reference, that's more than double what I expected.
hidden truths, Mar 25 2007

       Ah, but none of the others are a serious proposal like mine ! I'm already fielding calls from Golden Wonder and Walkers, and I've got Heinz working on a range of complementary leaking wax flavours.
xenzag, Mar 25 2007

       ... must have been an imposter then - serious enquiries only please !
xenzag, Mar 25 2007

       Well wags, about that suggestion of a link. Let me tell ya, I found stunning examples of elephant ears, copied, pasted, and then sat there like an idiot and waited.   

       Nothing nada zilch. When they finally appeared on the bakery, they linked to nothing, nada and zilch of course. (The origin of I wonder, ponder and then move on.)   

       My soon to be old housemate's computer is wearily slow and loses most of what I write and randomly duplicates stuff I probably shouldn't have bothered to blather oink, sorry meant on, about with to begin with.   

       As Dr. Bob so eloquently puts it, "errgh". (I think, forgive me if I misrepresented your wording.)   

       Moving to Manchester tomorrow, new housemate, new p.c. new eveything. (Manchester USA, unfortunately. //hides head in shame//.)
blissmiss, Mar 27 2007


       I vaguely recall what you're talking about, and found a [link] that looks like what you remember.   

       A New Mexican version is called "Sopapilla", and puffs up like a pillow (hence the name.)   

       Don't be too ashamed about Manchester, MA, USA; I know a few people who have moved there, and seem to have thrived. Best wishes on your new situation!
csea, Mar 27 2007

       I used to enjoy eating "Haman's ears" when I was a boy in Israel, every year at Purim. (link added)
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 27 2007

       "Wow, 7 whole annotations before a Tyson reference, that's more than double what I expected."   

       So you'd expected, like, between one and three? I don't believe you *expected* any, hidden_truths. Surely no-one would EVER give a moment's thought to the possibility of how many references to Tyson an idea for an ear-shaped potato snack would generate!! If you did, I tip my hat to you. You are as mad as a snake and clearly have way too much time on your hands.   

       How many references to Mick Jagger would my lip-shaped corn-based snack idea throw up, d'you reckon?
Murdoch, Mar 27 2007

       Inject a little blob of brown residue in the centre for that realistic waxy look.
theleopard, Mar 27 2007

       csea, I am sooo sorry to say, but it's not in MA, it's Manchester CT. So thriving may not be the word I'd use ;-)
blissmiss, Mar 27 2007


       Best wishes, anyway. I don't know anything much about Connecticut!
csea, Mar 28 2007

       sounds delicious +
benfrost, Apr 01 2007

       Cauliflower flavour?
Ling, Apr 05 2007

       Good luck with the move [bliss], I hope you can pronounce Connecticut ok.
wagster, Apr 05 2007

       Why not? AS kids we loved wax lips and my kids had gum ball "eyes" and what about the "gummy worms"...I can envison all kinds of neat shapes for chips....noses, nipples, to name just a few.
Blisterbob, Apr 05 2007


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