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Ear Glasses and Nostril Monocles

Hold a lense over one's eye with a nostril.
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Safety glasses and ear protection can be combined by sticking plugs on the ends of the glasses arms and inserting those in one's ears. In this way by wearing just one product the ears and the eyes are protected.

Stylish lenses such as moncles and expensive shades could also be worn by the ear canal plug method. However, a fashionable person is better off with Nostril Monocles. By inserting the plug into their nostril and positioning the lens in front of their eye they at once acquire an aura of sophistication, and prevent smelling the servile unwashed that await their beck and call.

Two Nostril Monocles can be worn at once, and can be positioned before the eye with a sleek nose conforming arm, or a widely arching handlebar. In addition simply grasp the monocle by this rigid arm to unplug it and tilt it gently to examine any residual bogies.

rcarty, Aug 31 2011

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       "WARNING: sneezing may adversely affect your quality of vision"   

8th of 7, Aug 31 2011

       Brillia_t! But it's hard to talk with these plugs i_ _y _ose [+]
Grogster, Sep 02 2011

       These glasses don't fog and have a sort of forehead windshield wiper for brow sweat.
rcarty, Sep 02 2011

       Could be a hit with plumbers.   


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