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fad clothes

transform them to fit the mood of the club scene
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Imagine you're at a hip club, one of those multi-story ones where each level has a different theme. Say it's techno on level 1, salsa/latin on 2, and hip-hop on 3. Well, it's hard to fit into the latest fashion fads with only one getup. And you're not going to carry around a phone-booth to change in, ala Superman. So here's the solution - clothes that transform to fit the scene. take, for instance, a hip techno-vest that reverses and folds down to become a hot NBA player's jersey. Or sharp salsa shoes that take on a futuristic pattern when exposed to black light on a techno floor.
rahulb, Mar 25 2003


       Hmm... how do they transform? Chemical reactions to pheremones sprayed as you enter a level? Buttons located on a watch? Or manual changes to the look and outfit?
Freelancer, Mar 26 2003

       Hate to be a killjoy but based on the description this seems like a WIBNI and really lame.
madradish, Mar 26 2003

       It doesn't seem WIBNI-ish, since rahulb gives descriptions of actual transformable clothing. However, I agree it is kind of lame. Is it that necessary to fit in? Can't you just wear what you like? (Also see Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, where the characters' clothes change to match the decor of the rooms they enter.) But I guess it works for chameleons, and no one thinks they're lame.
pottedstu, Mar 26 2003

       I'd like a fad personality.
1kester, Mar 26 2003

       I guess I didn't make clear that this is also to make fun of the efforts people go through to make themselves look "cool", to fit into the latest fad. At one point or another we all play the cultural chameleons, as much as we may try not to. Oh, the changes to the clothes would be manually performed, making profuse use of velcro.
rahulb, Mar 26 2003

       So, rename the idea, edit the text, and you might just get some croissants to stick in your reversible pockets.
DrCurry, Mar 26 2003

       William Gibson has this excellent story called "The Belonging Kind" about a species of human-formed nucturnal creatures, that move from one bar to another and change their looks, hairstyle and outfit to suit each one. They dance and make conversation in complete accordance with their surroundings. These creatures evolved to get full nourishment from different cocktails and spend the days roosting in a hotel room.
Gwenanda, Mar 26 2003

       [Gwenanda] It also explains why you never see those "club" people in the light of day.
Freelancer, Mar 27 2003


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