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Flash-Sensitive Clothing

Engineered costume malfunctions
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I just read about a discovery that is begging to be used in half-baked recipes: carbon nanotubes apparently ignite when exposed to a photo flash (see link)

I'm thinking of clothing whose portions catch on fire in pre-determined patterns when photographed with a flash (with a fire-proof backing, of course), or items of clothing that fall apart in creatively mischievous ways -- mostly for the intent of startling/scaring the photographer.

(This could also be a good stage effect: model enters the catwalk in fur coat held together by somewhat concealed nanotube thread -- only one photographer gets a picture before it falls apart to reveal an evening gown, etc.)

I leave the rest to the bakery's fertile (and hopefully G-rated) imagination

cowtamer, Jan 07 2011

Flash-induced nanotube ignition http://news.rpi.edu...3&setappvar=page(1)
They apparently make a loud noise and start on fire upon being photographed with a flash [cowtamer, Jan 07 2011]


       This could certainly put a damper on my nanotube ring maille armor idea...
ye_river_xiv, Jan 08 2011

       ...and the space elevator.   

       ...and my graphene-enclosed vacuum blimp
sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 09 2011

       I wonder if double-walled nanotubes behave in this same manner?
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2011


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