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Earbud + Can headphones

Headphones with higher freqs on earbuds and lower freqs on outer cans
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I was thinking of taking a splitter cable and trying this, but I wonder if there would be any acoustic marvel inherent in having earbuds and regular headphones sort of in the same package. That is, you'd put in the buds, then clap a regular old fashioned set of headphones over top, and relegate the frequency response appropriately. I know normal earbuds would likely block out the outer sound, so I guess they'd have to be sort of acoustically transparent...at least at lower frequencies.
cloudface, Apr 12 2005


       When I was a kid, I used to listen to music with my headphones while sitting really close to the loudspeaker to give me that throbbing through my body base feeling.
zeno, Apr 12 2005

calum, Apr 12 2005


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