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conzertina loudspeaker drones

audio broadcasting drone system to provide sound as needed where needed
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in concerts and public speeches and other social events where sound is essential---------

there exists a frequent problem. the sound desired ,is not audible.

now sometimes its not audible everywhere in the area, or in specific places, or the needs of sound change as people move around or people come and go.

what if you had drones with audio speakers that could be designed and programmed to provide sound as needed. you could have central manager assign the drones to where they could/should be needed in a general sense, and/or you could have 'apps' on peoples phones that allow them to coomunicate their need for more sound. and based on some algortihm the drone could provide the sound from whereever and at whatever loudness deemed appropriate or desired.

my best use case here is outdoor travelling plays or moving weddings or events where speakers cannot easily reach everyone or simply are not there .

teslaberry, Apr 30 2015

I gagged then laughed at //concertina being a small concert// http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concertina
[xandram, May 01 2015]


       You know, I've got to give it to you. It's a somewhat practical solution for a problem I've experienced, and it's in a somewhat appropriate category.   

       I thank you for your effort, and (+)
normzone, Apr 30 2015

       What exactly is a conertina? And why?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2015

       i think a concertina is a small concert .....sorta the idea that this probably wouldn't be appropriate for massive concerts needing truly massive loudspeakers in general.   

       but it could. who knows. i added 'loudspeaker' to the title to help you out.   

       one obvious problem with the drone is that it itself makes some noise so you need to deal with the drones engine noise as well but that can be dealt with .
teslaberry, Apr 30 2015

       There was a sound installation at the Guggenheim in ny several years ago where they put speakers in the corners of a room all playing different notes of a chord in long, never- varying tones. As you walked in if was a cacophony but when you stopped moving it evened out into this harmonious chord and then as you started turning your head, you would notice that each incremental movement would create a significant difference in the sound, because cymatics, or because the air was divided up into lot of little standing patterns of high and low pressure in the kinds of patterns that cymatics makes visible. So I wonder if this drone idea would work best if the drone speakers all played "drone" notes as in just one long "droning" tone, but all different notes from eachother, making up one of those new-agey, quartal and quintal harmony chords, and the movement of the speaker alone would create significant variation in the ears of the listeners.
JesusHChrist, May 01 2015

       //i think a concertina is a small concert//   

       A concertina is a musical instrument. A conertina isn't anything.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2015

       A conertina... something to do with ice-cream holder packaging?   

       Dissapointed this drone is not an e-bagpipe accessory.
pocmloc, May 01 2015

       // so you need to deal with the drones engine noise //   

       Maybe the rotor power could be modulated to fit in with the output sound ?
8th of 7, May 01 2015

       //rotor power could be modulated to fit in with the output sound ?// Glass's 4'33" of Silence is going to be expensive in terms of drones and insurance, then.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2015

       //Dissapointed this drone is not an e-bagpipe accessory. — pocmloc, May 01 2015 //   

       Disappointed that [pocmloc] is not already tied up inside a Wicker Man and facing imminent immolation...
8th of 7, May 01 2015

       You could solve the power problem by tethering the drones to a mains cable. To prevent the cable stretching, snagging or tangling, you could also fix the drones in position. At the same time, you could enclose the drones in large cabinets with mesh fronts, to prevent people poking their fingers into the rotors.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2015

       Hey, and if you put a strap on them such that people could place two of them atop their heads, then the category choice would be flawless.
normzone, May 01 2015


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