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doublemale snapper

snap on the back of a plug
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any wired headphone jack
has days no more then a flea.
some how each and every day
they break up internally

Hear; in the car or jogging free
you get just static bursts
as the plug just wiggles all around
god know this is the worsts!

we gotta sell a single plug!
with a little snap on back
stick that plug in your hole
and attach your wire, black!

Now all filled up but not protruding
just a snappy dome exposed,
Mechanical leverage non-existant,
No catching on your clothes!

You gotta buy a wired headphone,
in a little socket thing.
This thing snaps around the dome entirely,
so tightly in a little brass ring.

The electrics flow just here and there,
there is no separation.
Any force just pops the socket off,
and no need for repairation.

this little mechanical release
this mechanism for the snap
will make the joggers sing
and all the ladys clap!

mylodon, Apr 25 2019


       I was sure this already existed, but when I searched for "magnetic adsorption headphone plug" using Google, I only got earbud sets with normal plugs where the two earbuds attach to each other magnetically (to avoid tangling or to hang around your neck, I guess).   

       So [+] for a necessary improvement, and presented in a poem too. (I had a classmate this semester who liked to conclude all of his presentations with poems, which, while not the best poetry due to having to include so much technical terminology, did greatly add to the experience. Also, his name and your name start with the same two letters…)
notexactly, Apr 25 2019


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