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Earplug alarm clock

Alarm clock that is inside a set of earplugs
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This micro alarm clock would beep or buzz (adjustable time, volume and snooze features) in the earplug. This would allow you to sleep in complete quiet, yet not have to worry about NOT hearing your alarm in the morning. Others would not be awakened by this alarm, but you could still hear a child crying or a smoke alarm if necessary.
valatsea, Nov 28 2000

Earlarm http://www.trymax.co.kr/docs/idea.htm
"Earlarm Earlarm is the world's first ear-holding timer alarming device. Its compact and light design aIIows you carry it wherever you are and whatever you do, during housekeeping,traveling, going to and coming home from office,studying, and so forth" [gnormal, Nov 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Good for college roommates and marriages!   

       Might also be good to have an alarm clock within a pillow!
lee, Jan 28 2001

       But then there would be no motivation to get out of bed. I utilise the fear that my alarm will wake others as the reason to jump out of bed and turn it off quickly. Of course by this time I am wide awake! So an alarm clock that doesn't wake others wouldn't wake me...
goodie, Jan 29 2001

       baked. do a search for Earlarm. i saw them in the hongkong airport once. i am trying to find a reasonably reliable way of buying one if anyone can point me to it.
gnormal, Feb 22 2001

       That sounds perfect for college. My A-hole room mate (who smells like sh*t) either stays up late and keeps me up or has his alarm going off before I have to be up. I also wouldn't have to hear him whinning to his girlfriend on the phone EVERY night. Can you make one that filter the sh*tty air and makes it smell like oranges too.
MAJALO1, Apr 06 2001

       lordy, Rods! That'd make getting to sleep just as uncomfortable as getting up!
absterge, Apr 06 2001

       earlarm looks okay...but it doesn't plug up your other ear. so while it does cure the privacy issue of not bothering others with your alarm clock, you can still hear everything else that's going on around you (unless you happen to be deaf in the non-earlarm ear, which makes me wonder why this is an issue for you). i guess you could fix that with a separate, free-standing earplug in the other ear...but isn't that kind of anticlimactic? i wouldn't consider this idea fully baked yet.
boistmeef, May 23 2001

       [boistmeef]: Buy two.
angel, May 23 2001

       My daughter developed an ear-plug alarm for her 4th grade project (she's in college now). There were existing patents for earplug alarms- but the display and buttons made them too big to be usefulfor sleep, or too small to set. Her insight was using a separate setting device, to get something small enough and usable. She got a patent out of it: US6906983 The patent contains a pretty thorough discussion of alternatives.
Darin, Jan 26 2010


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