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Eating Serpent

Eat with a Serpent
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This device is an animated prosthetic serpent like monster.

It has mini cameras in the eyes, which feed live to a pair of VR goggles worn by the user (that's you!)

It also has white LEDs to light up whatever it is looking at.

The writhing prehensile body of the serpent is controlled by dual joysticks, one for each of the user's hands.

The serpent is mounted on a fixture that holds its rear end to the user's mouth.

The serpent's jaws are controlled by levers engaged by the user's teeth.

The mode of use is as follows. The user puts on the goggles and attaches the serpent to their mouth. Now they can see through the serpent's eyes. They use the controls to manipulate the serpent towards or into an edible object, for example a half a water-melon, or a bowl of rice pudding. They use their teeth to manipulate the serpent jaws to bite into the foodstuff. As soon as a bite is taken, the food is propelled at great rapidity through the length of the serpent and into the user's mouth, where it can be chewed and swallowed as usual.

This is an interesting way to eat, and will liven up formal mealtimes.

pocmloc, Jul 23 2012

Reminds me of... http://chaxiubao.ty...en_and_chopsti.html
[Phrontistery, Jul 23 2012]


       Sigsmund Freud would have made millions out of you ... the book sales alone would have kept him in luxury for life.
8th of 7, Jul 23 2012

Are you sure?

       How does it cope with soup?
Phrontistery, Jul 23 2012

       Like anyone else, it throws chunks of bread in.
pocmloc, Jul 24 2012

       //The writhing prehensile body   

       When the battery goes flat, does it go all posthensile?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 15 2014


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